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So I was just looking through the sap master feat and I was thinking that I could try to make a non-lethal barrage of sneak attacks on a rogue, but could you use deadly with it for essentially double sneak attack dmg?

"All damage a deadly weapon deals is normal (lethal) damage"

I could see where it could or couldn't change that double dice for sneak attack to full lethal, but I wanted to see what some others thought.

Ultimate Combat wrote:

Sap Master (Combat)

You knock the sense out of foes with a well-timed surprise attack.
Prerequisites: Sneak attack +3d6, Sap Adept.
Benefit: Whenever you use a bludgeoning weapon to deal nonlethal sneak attack damage to a flat-footed opponent, roll your sneak attack dice twice, totaling the results as your nonlethal sneak attack damage for that attack.

You no longer deal nonlethal damage with a deadly weapon, so Sap Master does not apply.

Though the feat's name suggests using a sap, it's not directly tied to this kind of weapon, it's tied to nonlethal damage from a bludgeoning weapon. The name is just a hint for novice players what weapon is the most obvious choice.

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