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Can someone help me find where size is defined for Beastskin in hybrid form from the rulebook?

Everyone I've spoken to says it's dependent on your base Ancestry, but they can't show me where in the rulebook it actually says this.

How can you defend a Beastskin in hybrid form must be the same size as their base ancestry if their chosen hybrid animal stat block is smaller? Like a bat. Is a werebat human a medium-sized bat, a tiny human, or something in between?

The language in Quick Shape and Critter Shape make it seem like their hybrid form is not just based on appearance.


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There is no rule text for things not changing what they don't change. Asking for that would be exhaustive.

Abilities and versatile heritages only change what they say they do, they don't list all the things they don't. So as neither the Beastkin versatile heritage entry nor the change shape ability mention size changing, your size doesn't change.

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I think that there might be a slight mismatch in what kind of rule you're looking for and what kind of rule would exist.

Ancestries define a character's size category, as stated on CRB page 33. Nothing suggests that heritages would change the size category, in general. There are exceptions, though. If you look at the Ant Gnoll heritage, or at the Sprite's Pixie heritage, which are exceptions, they specifically state that they alter size.

However, there's no reason that someone would write a rule saying that heritages don't alter size when they don't say they alter size. It's the kind of negative statement that doesn't need to be made.

So it boils down to:
1. Ancestry explicitly determines size.
2. Beastkin is a heritages m, not an Ancestry.
3. Beastkin isn't one of the few Heritages that has a size change as one of its mechanics.
4. Therefore Beastkin characters are the size stated by their Ancestry.

When we go from "what is a beastkin's size?" to "how does beastkin's Change Shape affect their size?" things are kind of similar. There are polymorph effects that change your size category... but that's something they list as part of the mechanical effects, it isn't inferred from the ability not saying that you don't change size. If beastkin [small species] shifted down a size or beastkin [large species] shifted up a size, that's the kind of thing that would be actually discussed somewhere, but there's no reason that when writing an ability you would also start listing things that it doesn't alter (occasionally this kind if reminder text does happen, but it is not universal and can never be encyclopedic).

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