Mythic Powers released on Pathfinder Infinite! (Pay what you want, including nothing at all)

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Mythic Powers: A Comprehensive Sourcebook

I've finally released my hopefully final version of a mythic system for Pathfinder 2nd Edition. This product is an evolution of the Mythic Advancement PDF I created a while back, but its not a just rebranding.

I am confident that this product (and some additional resources I will link below) is all any player or GM will need to run mythic content in their games.

What is mythic content? Mythic content is material intended to provide an alternate and additional path for character advancement. Pathfinder 1st Edition created the mythic system somewhat as a replacement for D&D 3.5's Epic Leveling system, which also provided another route of character progression.

This book draws on both of those sources, as well as Owlcat Games's Wrath of the Righteous, which converted the 1E Adventure Path of the same name which a much changed mythic system.

The book creates epic leveling progressions for each currently existing class. It also gives tools every table and resource they need to create campaigns for such characters, including expanding treasure, monster, NPC, and hazard creation tables. Running alternate or variant systems and worried about the ramifications? Each and every one is discussed.

It also gives spellcasters a vast array of new options for their old spells, letting them heighten their spells past level 10 for additional effects.

But this biggest thing I've added for both epic characters and characters playing in 'normal' level ranges is an entirely new system: mythic archetypes.

Like normal archetypes, these allow you to take archetype feats with your class feats after taking the dedication. These run alongside the normal archetype system, representing the source of power your character draws from; taking a mythic archetype does not like you out of taking an archetype or vice versa. There is even a mythic free archetype system.

The 36 new mythic archetypes represent a massive range of potential sources of power. For those not content to simply play 'like' a lich or a dragon, many archetypes even include a high level feat that will allow a player to permanently transform into the source of their power.

For those that liked the mythic paths of 1st Edition, I have also converted each of them to this new system, potentially letting 1st Edition characters with mythic paths be converted to 2nd Edition. I've even added in new archetypes for Primal and Occult spellcasters in the same style as the Archmage and Heirophant. Note that the Champion path became the Martial Master mythic archetype, due to the Champion and its multiclass archetype already existing in 2E.

This book also has many landscapes, character arts, and portraits made by me using secret and arcane techniques to overcome my total lack of artistic talent.

Finally, I'd like to link some very helpful resources I've co-opted, knowing that whatever I made would not be nearly as good.

  • DoggieBert's Monster Builder 1.1, as edited by me to incorporate the new tables for creatures up to level 30 (hence 'Mythic monster builder'
  • /u/viemexis's Character Sheet v5, also edited by me, made to incorporate another proficiency level and everything else needed for mythic play

    If either of these content creators wants me to take these down, I will.

  • That's an utterly incredible job. I love the low level options here, and 21+ levels are done really well. There are a lot of typos, though. I can try to list them, if you'd like, here or in PMs.

    Pyrurge wrote:
    That's an utterly incredible job. I love the low level options here, and 21+ levels are done really well. There are a lot of typos, though. I can try to list them, if you'd like, here or in PMs.

    Absolutely. Feel free to list any typos here, I'll try to address them as soon as possible.

    This was a one-man job, and one of the unfortunate side effects is not being able to recognize typos; after the 50th time you've read the same sentence, the mind tends to just skip over it and send what it wants to read instead.

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    Page vi, Mythic Tier - Tier 4 to level 22? How are tiers calculated exactly, shouldn't it be Tier 1 to level 21 and Tier 2 to level 22, or Tier 3 to level 21 (because you gain 2 boosts and a feat) and Tier 4 to level 22? If you exchange an ancestry/class/general feat for a mythic feat, does that affect your tier?
    Page vi, Surge - Should the bonus to all checks apply to saves too?
    Page 9, Fighter description - "If martial skills are truly an artist"
    Page 10, Major Weapon Specialization should be bold.
    Page 11, Legengary Inventor has a wrong description.
    Page 12, Strategic Strike misses a white space between additional and 6d6.
    Page 13, shouldn't Magus gain a 10th level spell slot on 23rd level as per future-proofing guidelines? Also, there should be a special feature that describes the flavor and mechanics of their 10th level spells. Same for Summoner. Mythic Heightening should be 21st level or be listed after 22nd level features, same for Summoner.
    Page 17, Sneak Attack - should be 5d6 as per table.
    Page 19, Major Eidolon Specialization is listed twice, one of these should be normal WS for summoners. Eidolon's proficiencies should be increased with mythic boosts too.
    Page 23, Legendary Spellcasting feat - so when do you gain a 10th level slot, at 20th or 24th level?
    Page 23, Futureproofing - should classes that only get 9th level spells gain a 10th level slot at 21st or 23rd level?
    Page 28, Standard Progression - the text above says that characters should gain a mythic feat at 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th levels, so why the chart lists mythic feats at 18th and 23rd levels?
    Page 33, Mindbreak - shouldn't the damage scale a bit? The failure effect is very debilitating, usually effects like confused last for 1 round on failure instead of 5.
    Page 43, Evocative Blast - the 1-action version scales weirdly, shouldn't it deal half damage of normal blast? Instant Movement lacks any component.
    Page 49, Whirring Doom - lacks components, also really weak. Whirlwind Strike doesn't have a penalty and doesn't consume a focus point.
    Page 50, Daemon Powers - spells aren't italicized. Daemon Dedication's dimension door isn't italicized.
    Page 51, Devour Soul - should have a requirement of grabing the target.
    Page 55, Infectious Rage - shouldn't Success also grant a chance to break the effect early?
    Page 57, Hellflame - deals damage and scales like a 2nd level spell, probably should deal 3d6/6d6 damage at base.
    Page 58, Dragon Transformation - you should mention how the 1d6 energy damage from Jaws scales, probably should scale with weapon damage dice. Also, Draconic Powers should probably have the choice of Int or Cha.
    Page 61, Elemental Transformation - how Slam damage scales with weapon damage dice? You should spell that out, including the energy damage, like dragon's jaws. Elemental Cascade's damage starts like the damage of a 2nd level spell, probably not a mistake, but still.
    Page 64, Fey Dedication - circumstance bonus starts at +2 instead of +1.
    Page 65, Wild Hunt - Wild Hunt actions aren't bolded. Nymph's Beauty lack the Focus Beauty action.
    Page 68 - it's Hierophant, not Heirophant.
    Page 74, Marshal Abilities - the feats are uncapitalized.
    Page 75, Unwavering Skill - chose, not choose.
    Page 78, Occult Defenses - critical success always means the foe is unaffected.
    Page 80, Unparalleled Digestion - Engulf's Effect isn't bolded.
    Page 83, Curse of Nature Unloving - "piercing, and slashing, as well as to".
    Page 88, Autonomous Spell - "of yourtheir cantrips". Also, busted as hell, at least make it a reaction and once per day.
    Page 89, First Taboo - Will is uncapitalized.
    Page 91, Eternal Fear - Success is incredibly strong, and it's a selective AoE too? Make it frightened 1.
    Page 100, Vampire Decication - Surge benefit has an extra white space, Embrace isn't bolded.
    Page 101, Bend the Blood - Heightened benefits aren't bolded.

    Aeon, Alignment, and Demon lack spellcasting benefits, additional skill feat, or 4 Hit Points per feat clause. They probably should get 4 HP per feat.

    Heal N damage should be worded as heal N Hit Points.

    Savings throw should be saving throw.

    Mythic spellcasting archetypes shouldn't say "spell list in this book", it's not the Core Rulebook. Remove every instance of "in this book".

    I'll proofread the rest of the book, starting with Mythic Feats, later.

    Thank you, I will make these changes Mondayish and should have an updated version available.

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    I've updated to incorporate all of these in the new version up on Pathfinder Infinite.

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    Excellent! It's even better now. Now, the rest of the typos:
    Page 11, Inventor Class Progression - it's wrong and seems like a repeat of swashbuckler's table. Also, Legendary Inventor's fluff text is a direct copy of a Mythical Inventor.
    Page 25, Intelligent legendary item quality - what bonuses does it choose?
    Page 57, Hellflame - it seems like I missed that it deals additional (basically double) damage to good creatures. Evil damage is rather situational, but this spell utterly wrecks good targets - it scales like scorching ray at base and deals double the damage to good enemies. The base damage should be scaled back to 2d6+2d6/4d6+4d6 to reflect spells like Chilling Darkness, sorry about that.
    Page 58, Dragon Dedication - you can probably add d12 jaws unarmed attack without finesse for Str-dragons. Dragon Transformation unarmed attacks lack finesse, so it's an active downgrade for Dex-dragons. Jaws' decriptions lacks closing parentheses.
    Page 61, Elemental Transformation - so do Slam attacks not scale with Striking at all, dealing 2d10+2d6 even with Major Striking runes? The base damage can be adjusted to d10 to remove confusion. There should be a finesse option for Fire and Air too (probably for Water, too).
    Page 101, Bend the Blood - further Heightened aren't bolded.
    Page 114, Rainbow Dome - Frequency isn't bolded.
    There are still some instances of "savings throws".

    The feats and spells are very well done. I hope I'll be able to use this system in the future.

    Good to have some pwyw-potentially free Mythic powered stuff out there on Pathfinder Infinite for PF2e, manbearscientist. ;)

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    Alright, I'll try to update these by end of the week. As far as some balancing:

    1. Hellflame; I will change this to 3d6 fire with a 1d6 evil rider. The intention was to land roughly around Scorching Rays, but slightly better against good enemies.
    2. Strikes/Slam scaling: the physical part scales with striking runes, while the elemental part does not. So major striking would be 4dX + 2d6 elemental

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