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So, the book says that you are supposed to give each player a single level 7 item if/when they cure Dorianna Menhemes from the condition affecting her.

So, I dunno about you, but just I never liked just handing out 'you get any item, go do whatever' things because It 1) Doesn't feel that special, and 2) I've found that most players will suffer from analysis paralysis or not even think to look for something and will end up not happy with their option or choose something suboptimal. So I like to just hand out things that I think the party will find useful, but it also gives me the chance to make up some new items. Here are some options you can just give your party instead of making them waste game time searching through books.

*NOTE* If a PC has been asking or begging for an item, and it is level 7 or below, obviously give them that.

Items that are great as-is:
Ring of Wizardry 1 (obviously useful for arcane casters in the party)
Cloak of Elvenkind (Rogues love these)
Energy Robe of Fire (Everyone loves movement speed increases)
Boots of Bounding (as above)

But, being the GM, you can also modify magic items so long as they are roughly in the same power level is other things you find. So:

Armor of Moonlight: You could give them a set of moonlit chain, but for any armor (excluding maybe plate mail, which tends to be higher level than other armors)

Weapon of Fulnimation: As a Fulnimating spear, but with any thrown weapon.

Abomination seeker: A +1 Striking Abomination-bane weapon that reduces cover abominations benifit from by 1 step (cover to light cover, light cover to none). A Heavily modified Guiding Star

Plus, using the Cloak of Elvenkind as a template, you can develop any item that gives someone a +1 item bonus to a skill and also grants a level 2 spell once a day as a 2-action activity. Below are some examples:

Belt of verve: +1 to Intimidation CHecks and cast false life 1/day

Pharasmin Holy Symbol: +1 item bonus to religion checks and cast spirit sense 1/day

Anyway, those were just some thoughts, let me know what you think! Maybe come up with more of your own!

I thought it said "a single magic item up to level 7". Let them shop, let them pick, and check availability. If it's uncommon or rare, it's perfectly reasonable that it may be out of stock or just unattainable- especially if you don't want said item in your game

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