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Since Eventide, something is wrong with the world.
Magic is fading, and the world is fading with it.

Not all at once, but slowly, day by day this vital spark drains from the world. Most live their whole lives without ever noticing, too busy with their own troubles to realize that the next night may be the last. But there are some who see the gathering darkness and decide that if they can buy the world just one more day, that it would be a fight worth dying for.

You are that hero.

Eventide is a campaign setting designed to take advantage of everything that Pathfinder Second Edition has to offer! Built by one of the designers of the game, Eventide feels right at home within the rules of the game. Here is just a few, spoiler free, examples of how Eventide gets the most out of Pathfinder:

  • The four traditions of magic inform the cosmology of the world itself. Each tradition is powered by one of the four planes that surround the world, and they are tied into its creation.
  • Rarity is used to reinforce the story of the world. Some core elements have different rarities to reflect the story of the world.
  • Destiny has been added as a part of character creation. This gives players agency over their character’s fate and special ways to get the most out of their hero points.

And that is just the start! Eventide features new rules and options for players and GMs to use when playing in this world, making for a rich and engaging play experience! A new ancestry, the Gloamling, is available NOW for Patrons and the Penumbrist class will become available to Patrons in the coming weeks!

You can learn more about Eventide by visiting the Minotaur Games Website!

You can support the campaign setting, getting a first look a the world and taking part in the playtest and introductory adventure over on Patreon.

The first Patron only stream last week was a huge hit, but if you missed it, there is a link to the private VoD on the Patreon. Tonight is another Patron only stream, this one talking about the upcoming Session 0s for the playtest campaign!

Still plenty of time to get in before this game gets rolling!

Class features have started to go up on the Minotaur Games website, which means as of right now, the following content is up for supporters of the Patreon.

1 New Ancestry, the Gloamling
2 New Heritages, the Cenesar Elf and the Echo Touched Human
23 Ancestry Feats
9 New Backgrounds
2 New Skill Feats
3 New Class Options (Shadow Muse Bard, Cold Instinct Barbarian, Judge Champion)
18 New Class Feats
6 New Spells

And more to come!

Wolfren's tower has been sealed for 300 years, the entry blocked by the petrified bones of the dragon that destroyed the building and much of the rest of the town. No one has been able to go inside, to find out what happened to the aged wizard...

Until today!

The first part of my new Pathfinder 2E adventure, Wolfren's Fate is now up on my website, including the 16 page PDF and an untagged map for VTTs!


This first, playtest draft is free to supporters of my Patreon. The adventure will come to online PDF sites once it has finished playtesting.

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