Channel Negative Energy to Turn Paladin and similar classes

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something from the old AD&D days
PF1: General channeling Feat or an Alt Domain power

Turn Champion General
Req: Channel Energy class feature

A divinely powered caster can turn a champion of a diametrically opposed moral or ethical alignment forcing the creature to withdraw if successful.
Target within Close range (25 +5*[CstrLvl/2])ft and of diametrically opposed alignment choosing one of (G vs E), (L vs C).
Enhanced Level Check: 1d20 +Cleric Level +SAS +circumstance ≥ Paladin(or similar class) Level + Will save. If the check is successful then the target is forced to Withdraw at his speed for (DC difference/5, minimum 1)d4r (retreat away from ability user). Note: Withdraw is not as severe as Flee.
Successive attempts within 24 hours on the same target accrue a -2 circumstance modifier for the channeller.

note: Spellcasting Ability Score(SAS), Good(G), Evil(E), Chaos(C), Law(L).

Azothath wrote:


Turn Champion General


work on the list of Classes and Prestige Classes it would affect...
double check mechanics of turning for various class samples.

thi is feat not only affect the paladin or similar clas but all the opposing alignment regales of what class you have you should re check the feat

additional is this a fear, charm or compulsion effect because some feat and race have some pasive that can negate this ability like the resistan vs enchantment of the elf, or the fear inmunity of the paladin

I did the classes. The mechanic didn't scale as well as I thought. urgh. Thus;

Targets: [(CstrLvl+1)/2] within Close Range.
Turn DC: 10 +[(Class Levels with Channel+1)/2] +SAS vs target's Will save. Non-Opposing Alignments are not affected. SR:no.
The rest works as written.
The effect is of the type channeled (to repulse the other alignment) Sacred/Good, Profane/Evil, Axiomatic/Law, Anarchic/Chaos.

a simple method to determine a valid target is, Does the target have; a required Deity/Patron/Philosophy, access to a divine Domain, Channel Energy, ability to cast divine spells at first level, has a significant number of Su abilities not based on a pool(ki, panache, etc). The base Class indicates if an Archetype qualifies but Archetypes may qualify on their own.
This nets you the easy & usual suspects along with many prestige classes and archetypes.

The following classes/features do not qualify: Alchemist Discovery Holy/Profane Bombs, Arcane Discovery Faith Magic & Yuelral’s Blessing, FeyswornΡ, Genie BinderΡ, Hunter, Living MonolithΡ, Mammoth RiderΡ, Magaambyan ArcanistΡ, Cavalier/Samurai OrderΘ(First Law), Pathfinder SavantΡ, Pure Legion EnforcerΡ, Ranger, SkyseekerΡ, Traits.

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