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I need some opinions on how to give some ancestries back immunities that they used to have. In particular, I'm working with androids.

I want to add a heritage that gives them back darkvision and equivalent immunities to those they used to have. This is what I have so far:

Early Model Android

You were constructed to be sturdier, but with less well developed emotional processors.
You gain darkvision and are immune to disease, emotion, fear, and sleep effects as well as the fatigued condition.
Additionally, the penalty from Emotionally Unaware increases to -2.

Should it carry a higher mitigating penalty? More mitigating penalties?

Other changes to take into account that I'm planning that will apply to all androids:

~ Add the Construct trait.
~ Revise the Android trait to include a +1 circumstance bonus to Perception checks (excluding Sense Motive), negation of most of the mechanics included in the Construct trait, and correcting the redundant description (if a thing is synthetic it is by definition created through artificial means).
~ Expand the Constructed attribute to include mental effects, and drained, fatigue, paralyzed, sickened, and unconscious conditions.

Does this seem too powerful?
Any ideas on how to mitigate things further?

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Too powerful

That list of immunities goes beyond the pale. Individually, those are hardly available even via high-level feats, if at all, much less right out the gate. Even the expanded Constructed attribute with its small +1 represents several feats worth of bonuses.

The upcoming book with undead PCs might shed more light on how to balance that kind of stuff, but for now, I'd avoid granting blanket immunity to anything whether it's giving back or not. The exception would be in a homebrew where everybody's an android and encounters account for such immunities (and the shenanigans PCs can pull by having such immunities).

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You should definitely go on nethys and check all the traits you intend to give, and related stuff which won't work if you are immune to them.

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Thanks for the input!

My games are mostly homebrew. About 90% so.
Everyone gets to play with "missing" things from PF1e.
And I always up the challenge as needed.

I hadn't thought of the undead PCs as a possible resource, thanks for mentioning it, Castilliano!

I'm actually going through all the traits right this minute, coincidentally, HumbleGamer.


There is a question that's been nagging me, tho.
By RAW it seems to me that the way Poppets were written they keep several of their immunities from the Construct trait.

Constructed calls out a +1 circumstance bonus to: death, disease, poisons, drained, paralyzed, and sickened.

Does that mean they keep immunity to: bleed damage, necromancy, nonlethal attacks, doomed, fatigued, and unconscious?

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They do not keep anything. "Constructed" covers it all.
All of their abilities are listed explicitly, like with all the other Ancestries (and Classes, Archetypes, Backgrounds, etc.).

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