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Psychic Class


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I decided to copy the format of Kuzcobarra's post over here breaking down all the Psychic feats and features.

As the Psychic is a caster, I will be comparing it to other casters, and make some assumptions about casters based on the current state of casters in the game.

- First you have the Wizard and Sorcerer who are the baseline casters with nothing very flashy going on. 4 slots a level, no armour, a rather weak chassis and focus spells that tend to be supplementary (i.e. things that you do in addition to casting a spell, not that replace casting a spell, though sorcerer has some non-supplementary ones). This should be the baseline from which every caster is measured, what do you gain relative to a wizard or sorcerer in return for losing that 1 slot per level?

- Second, we have the Cleric, compared to the Wizard and Sorcerer, we lose 1 slot per level in order to gain Divine Font, 2 HP a level, faster save progression. Alternatively, if we pick warpriest, then we also get slower save DC progression in return for faster expert weapons (despite my personal grievances with this, I will refrain from commenting, and just say how it is). The Cleric's focus spells are a bit mixed, but most tend to be main focus spells (2 action that you would do instead of casting a spell).

- Third, we have the Druid, compared to the Wizard and Sorcerer we lose 1 slot per level in order to gain 2 HP a level, faster save progression and armour proficiencies. The Druid's focus spells are also mostly main focus spells (With the exception of Leaf Order), and generally notably more powerful than the other class' focus spells (perhaps this is part of the tradeoff for losing a slot a level and not getting a Divine Font like feature).

- Fourth, we have the Bard. For balance purposes, I will not try to compare the Psychic to the bard, as it seems to gain quite a lot in return for losing 1 slot a level - armour proficiency, 2 hp a level, strong focus cantrips, better will saves and better perception. In addition, its focus spells are notably more powerful than the other classes.

- Fifth, we have the Oracle. We lose one slot per level to gain 2 hp a level, armour proficiency, mysteries, free refocus feats, better will saves and, while the oracle is a bit of a mixed bag focus spell wise, their focus spells to tend to mostly be main focus spells that are notably more powerful.

- Last, we have the Witch. We lose one slot per level to gain some potentially better focus spells - however, until major lessons, most of the Witch's focus spells are also supplementary.

What does this tell us about the psychic?

2 slots per level is a hefty price to be paying, when looking at other classes that pay just one slot per level. All of them except Witch are also 8 hp classes, and of those that are 8 hp 3/4 have armour proficiency with the last having the option for armour. If the Psychic is not an 8 hp class, and does not have armour proficiency, then it must have some pretty significant benefits to make up for this even if it was a 3 slot class. As a two slot class, the benefits have to be very powerful indeed.

For this purpose, I will be comparing the Psychic's focus spells to those of the Oracle and Druid. While the psychic theoretically gets up to 5 per combat (although this isn't a great assumption to actually make, practically they get less than this, and even if they do get 5, the ones on the later rounds tend to be less impactful anyway) starting at level 1, they have many other tradeoffs compared to these two classes.


The Chassis

- Key Ability Score: Intelligence or Charisma.

- It's oft been purported that Intelligence is probably the weakest stat in the game, and Wisdom is likely the strongest, as Intelligence's benefits descale in multiple ways (being only trained skills when the game expects expert at a certain point, the difficulty of keeping up expected item bonuses on those skills due to gp cost and investment limits, having to pick skills outside your main stats). Charisma, while it has no inherent benefits, ties in to a lot of powerful skill actions that casters like to have, such as Demoralise, Bon Mot and even One For All if you want to archetype.

- Hit Points: 6 per level

- This solidly puts the Psychic as a backline character who will go down to any sort of focus fire. I am not sure what the assumptions are with regards to how much enemies should remain stuck on your frontline, given most martials don't have inherent features that punish enemies for ignoring them, and can't select these as feats until level 6. But in my experience, if the GM does elect to focus fire on you for whatever reason, 6 HP means you are very likely hitting the floor that round. Even 8 HP with armour can mean that as well, though you will usually stay up with a slither of HP left (from full).

- Save and Perception Proficiencies : E/E/L/T

- I assume the permanent T perception is a mistake that will be fixed for release. No class remains at T perception forever, as of current, as it would make Canny Acumen (perception) far too valuable of a feat for the Psychic.

- For all casters, Initiative is good - going before the enemies or your allies so you can get the most of them in an AoE, or buff before their first turn, is invaluable.

- For some reason, Fortress of Will and Walls of Will have the same text regarding "when you roll a success on a will save, you get a critical success instead". I am uncertain as to why these feats are named differently from resolve/greater resolve given they otherwise do the exact same thing. Same thing with Precognitive Reflexes/Lightning Reflexes. The issue I forsee with this is feats specifically referencing those features that wouldn't apply to the psychic as the author forgot that the psychic's feature was named differently, despite doing the exact same thing.

- While a legendary save for casters is atypical (only bard and oracle have it, oracle having much slower progression on their other two saves), it makes sense for a psychic to have legendary will.

- Skill Proficiencies: (Effectively) 4+Int

- Notably this is the only int class aside from alchemist that doesn't pay an Int Skill tax of being class skill + 2 + int instead.

- Weapon and Armour proficiencies: Standard caster

- Following the weapon and armour proficiency and upgrade times as every other caster except bard (who has a few extra weapons) and wizard (who lacks some weapons), except those that have armour (which will have armour but the same upgrade time).

- Again, their specific armour proficiency is named differently despite doing the exact same thing as Defensive Robes.

- Spellcasting DC

- Normal for a caster, expert @ 7, master @ 15, legendary @ 19.

- I don't think this can ever particularly change to be faster except by maybe a couple of levels earlier on the expert and master upgrades. Though that wouldn't be a significant power bump at all (it would help for 4 levels only relative to other casters).

- The reason for this is, of course, critical failures still end fights when they happen and as such can't be realistically allowed to go above a certain threshold.


Overall, a very normal caster chassis. If you take out all the levels with standard upgrades (being 7, 11, 13, 15, 19) that leaves 3, 5, 9 and 17 to put features, save progression and perception progression. Evidently, some of this has been stacked onto other levels, as normal for a caster.


Class Features

So what are we paying those huge two slots a level for?

Three features

- 1) Enhanced Refocus at level 1 (although this does not continue, you will have the same refocus ability as any other caster who picks their feat at 12, and you will have the option to be equivalent to them by picking your feat at 18) with some stipulations.

- 2) Amps, which are limited to four specific cantrips per subconscious mind

- 3) Psyches, of which you only get given one and must pick others with feats.

Lets look at them in order, starting with the biggest one

Enhanced Refocus

- From the reading of it, the Psychic gets essentially 5 focus spells per combat starting at level 1... though there are some limitations.

- The five focus points can only be used on Amps for Psi Cantrips, otherwise you only get to recharge 1 (and the extra 3 from psyche are limited to amps no matter what).

- Combat must last at least 5 (Four with later psyche feats if you can activate them on round 2 and immediately go into another amp) rounds to use all of these focus points, which, in my experience is fairly atypical until level 10+.

- You must be using 3 of these focus points on different rounds between when you activate your Psyche and 2 rounds after that. This provides some limits to your action economy, particularly as unleashing your Pscyhe is an action, if you don't have all 3 actions available and ready to use on staying still casting, it can be difficult to unleash on some subconscious minds, and further it can be difficult to use amp psi cantrips on later rounds - particularly because it clashes with casting (I will make a point about this later in Amps).


- So this is where you're channelling all those focus points into.

- I will go through the specific amps in a later section, but for now I want to touch on one thing with regard to amps - action economy.

- One major complaint about the bard is how "stuck" its action economy can become - every round, the optimal turn is to composition and cast a spell. If there is no disruption to your game plan, you will do this. Without feats for composition choice, you only have one, so it can feel stale.

- For the Psychic, you have two issues. First, you can only pick up two new psi cantrips, and only at level 6 and 8. For two of the subclasses, there is basically only one choice for which combat Psi Cantrip to use (Guidance is usable, but the hour cooldown may interfere and many times the benefit will be worse than mental scan anyway). This means if you want to cast a spell + amp psi cantrip, you only have one choice until level 6, and even then only if you pick up a feat. This could lead to many of the same action econ issues bard has.

- Second, for two action Psi Cantrips, they are effectively competing against (at least) casting a cantrip in rounds 3-5 if you only have 2 actions to spend, or using a 1 action psi cantrip + 1 action for something else. If they aren't significantly better than casting a cantrip it can feel like you're getting the raw end of the deal here, waiting until round 3 and losing that much off your chassis for slightly better cantrips.


- As mentioned in many other threads, the class seemingly wants you to get more than one psyche... and tracking all those activation requirements is awkward.

- The psyches really don't feel like they do enough, relative to their drawbacks, to consider "which" psyche you want to use this combat - and I imagine in their current state many players will just pick the one that they build towards every combat, which is easier to track for one and for two, can feel like a round 3 action tax to use.

Other than that, there are a couple of extras the psychic gets

- Replacing verbal components with thought/emotion. Not a huge power feature, lets you cast while underwater or swallowed, which other casters can't easily do. I don't expect it to show up that often.

- Specific subconscious mind penalty. The Int one penalises you for something you defeinitely don't want to be doing anyway, you can be caught off guard, or slowed/tripped and you need to yolo out a spell, but for the most part this is easily avoidable by just striding (you will still eat the reaction, but you won't have the penalty). The cha one deheightens your cantrips, which for the most part given the current amps doesn't matter (see amps later).



So lets look at the major power feature of the Psychic in depth, specifically all 12 basic cantrips they get to amp. I will discuss the alternate amps in the feats section.

A word on blasting: The game has made an assumption about how much blasting needs to scale to remain at the same "effectiveness" throughout the game - this number is 2d6 per spell level with a minor bump around level 5-6. I've decided to chart out how much of a monster's HP that does, on average against level+0, -2 and +2 assuming moderate HP and moderate saves - as you can see, while it perhaps starts out strong, it starts getting steadily worse.

Now considering the Psychic's damage is worse than that, Here's how much Telekinetic Rend, their best blasting amp, does , which is extremely bad. (And yes, I did remember to put in both heightenings so it caps at 14d6).

I don't necessarily agree with the game's assumption that blasts only need to scale at 7 per 2 levels given moderate monster hp scales by 40 in the same time, but that's too late to change.

One major quality of life change I suggest for all of these cantrips is for all of the blasting ones make the damage scaling work no matter what amp you use, rather than only happening on that specific amp. As of current, there's basically too little reason to use the alternate amps on these damage cantrips because it becomes a pretty horrible use of actions for not much gain.

So, with that in mind, lets look at the amps as they are presented.

Mage Hand

This should be an available feat rather than something you are forced to take, in its current form at least. It has barely any combat relevance whatsoever. At least Spirit Object is 1 action and has a high bulk limit (eventually) so it could potentially move large objects and terrain around for cover. What's the point of this?

IMO, if this is to be a combat relevant feature, it needs to let you move things around to support your allies. Reduce the base cost of the cantrip to one action, and have it be able to give the grasped object to yourself or an ally (Similar to a Thoughtful Gift).

The amp should increase the bulk limit of the item you can grasp.

Telekinetic Projectile

There isn't much to say about this really. The base cantrip is debatable, depending on what you think about the balance of Electric Arc (and now, Scattering Scree which also does the same average damage to a single target as Telekinetic Projectile). You are unable to use the amp'd version with Shadow Signet.

The amp is barely any better, requiring you to crit a spell attack (again, with no shadow signet) to do much more than give you 1 damage per level, and even then, while it scales up to a pretty major push, it's too inconsistent.


- Make the push a slide instead (i.e. any direction movement, not just away)

- Have it push/slide on the success with more on the critical success OR increase the damage of the amp significantly OR just make the Amp 1 action.

This has to be competing with focus spells such as Fire Ray, something the cleric, which pays nothing has access to, and does 2d6/level on a spell attack. Yes, you can do this potentially up to 5 times per combat, whereas the cleric is limited to 1 fire ray per combat until 12th, but you are also the one paying half your spell slots for this feature. I therefore suggest this should be d12/level if the damage option is taken for the amp.

Telekinetic Rend

Not much to say about this one that the previous images haven't shown. Blasting in this game is bad because it scales badly relative to mook hp, the things it's supposed to be good against.

I suggest making it scale at 1d8/2 levels for base (making it in line with electric arc, keeping it mind it has no key ability modifier in return for the better area, but it's also a class specific cantrip) and making the amp replace the heightening with 2d6/level (making it inline with the expectations of the game wrt blasting), which would also make it in line with whirling flames (which does lower damage but has additional areas).

Arrest Trajectory

The Amp for this is... reasonable, effectively a 1 action telekinetic projectile with a condition.

The problem is

- 1) It's too hard to activate. It should start at +2 circumstance bonus to AC (non scaling), it's not like a +X to AC gets better or worse as you level, so there's no reason for this to start out at +1 and scale to +2.

- 2) Not enough monsters used physical ranged strikes for this to be relevant. It should just work on any attack roll, at least then it would be a decent support cantrip to give your allies a nimble dodge...

Detect Magic

Again, this should be a feat option. Like Mage Hand, it doesn't do enough as is to justify taking up one of your four amps. Especially given Detect Magic takes 2a to cast.

Suggestions to make this better? I don't know. I wouldn't even have it as a feat to be honest. Maybe a feat that gives you precise magic sense instead?


The problem with this is, well, 1 hour cooldown on guidance, and it doesn't do a heck of a lot. It affects... 3 out of 20 dice faces, maybe a couple more. Any crit fail number, F->S number and S->CS number. It's barely better than regular guidance. I understand that they don't want to make this spammable out of combat, but still it should have more combat use than this.


- Make the basic guidance effect have the crit fail protection and/or allow it to be used post roll.

- Make the amp guidance effect able to work even if the target is temporarily immune, then have it do something crazy like let them twice and take higher instead of getting the +1.

Mental Scan

Fine as is, just specify what you roll to Aid (I suggest spell attack or occultism check).

Future Path

This spell utterly fails at what it's trying to do. It lets you move without provoking... but casting the spell itself provokes, so what's the point? The Amp heighten effect is just really terrible econ for what it is.


- Make casting the spell itself not provoke.

- Amp effect reduces the cost to 1a instead of giving a second stride.

- Amp heighten effect allows the ally to spend their reaction to Stride without provoking.


The problem is, while flavorful for a psychic, Daze itself is a terrible spell. It doesn't do enough damage for the action cost, and the Amp doesn't... really do enough either.


- Make it buff the basic effect of daze to d6/spell level + key ability mod.

- Amp effect is mental weakness 1 and -2 status to will saves on failure, scaling by an additional mental weakness 1 per heighten.


Completely fine as is. I might suggest buffing the basic effect of Message to give the ally a Step or Stand as a reaction, but it doesn't really need it.

Nudge Intent

Like most punisher mechanics, the problem is that both halves have to look almost broken by themselves for the spell to feel strong, as the opponent will always pick whichever is better for them. Nudge Intent... neither half is very strong. Your opponent gets to choose between a worse fear 1 and a worse command 1... not good at all.


- Make it so the commanded action must be the first action they take on their turn.

- Increase the frighten values by 1 (as this applies frighten on their turn, it will immediately tick down at the end of the turn, which makes it worse than it seems).

Shatter Mind

Similar problems to telekinetic rend, it just doesn't do enough damage. Lament, a level 1 cleric domain spell does more damage than this. And yes, this does inflict a (minor) amount of stupefied, but still why is the damage scaling so slow?


- Increase the base damage to 4d6 and the base heighten to 1d6/spell level. This should at least make it a fairly good at-will option at a time where other casters are probably not using their cantrips anymore. It's still a 15 foot cone on a 6hp cloth caster.

- Amp makes it 8d6 with 2d6 heightening (i.e. 2d6/spell level) in addition to other effects. Cones are generally worse than 2 5ft bursts of choice, and this is a level 8 feat rather than something you get at level 1, so I'm ok with it being slightly better than Telekinetic Rend in that regard.


Will go through the feats later.


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With all that in mind, it's time to take a look at what feat options the psychic offers.

Before I do that, let's talk about the Psyche that all Psychics get

Unleash Focused Intent

This psyche is awkward for two reasons

- One, despite the psychic seemingly really wanting you to blast, the list it's on just doesn't support that. Occult has very few damage spells without a duration, and while +2 damage per spell level is nice, the fact that this only works on slotted spells, and you have few slots, definitely makes its benefit rather niche.

- On the flipside, the drawback of this is awful - minus 2 AC is pretty horrid, and yes, you're supposed to be a backliner, but with most spells being 30 foot range now (and psychic not having reach spell - not that that would be easy to use anyway, it would lock out your amps) you're only ever a stray arrow or a stride away from eating pavement.

Now, it could probably be purposefully bad to make you consider getting another psyche feat - but that does mean level 1 Psychic is gonna suck and suck hard (unless human), particularly because the benefit is so limited at level 1, with only a single spell slot.

In any case, I'd rather see Unleash Self-Defense become the main psyche (with the 3 round startup) and Focused Intent to become a feat. Or just to have a choice as to which starting psyche you want.

Another thing I'd like to mention about psyches - the requirements are extremely awkward to keep track of. It's not too bad when you only have one psyche you're looking to activate, but if you have multiple like (presumably) the feats want you to, then it's a headache.

Ancestral Mind

Basically a fix for int psychics to get ancestry feat spells - not great, not terrible. I'd rather see a ruleswide fix to innate spells to not overwhelmingly favour charisma casters, but it is what it is.


Psychic flavoured counterspell, with some upside (any spell that has the mental trait) and some downside (only mental spells). Overall, not terrible - seems to be best for aberration focused campaigns, lots of mental spells on those.

Mental Buffer

While flavourful, it isn't particularly strong. Spending a feat for half level resist to a very rare damage type is... not really worth it. Could it at least give a will save bonus while psyche is unleashed instead...?

Psychic Rapport

I feel like the problem with this feat is twofold

- In the intended use case (i.e. mostly triggering off casting a mental spell) it's pretty weak, +1 to cha skills for that round, not really amazing. It's analogous to blood magic i guess.

- In the optimal use case, this is basically just a permanent +1 to those skills with Mind of Menace

Two fixes I can see

- 1) Increase the bonus, and remove the "or while affected by a mental spell" part.

- 2) Just make it a permanent bonus seeing as it's going to be that anyway (but it would be a pretty boring feat).

Unleash Self-Defense

Probably the strongest psyche, for the same reason focused intent is weak. Occult isn't a list that is good at doing damage, despite what the class seems to want you to do. Hence, the drawback is kind of negligible - most of occult's best spells deal 0 damage - and the benefit, while not amazing, is nice.

Cantrip expansion

Standard caster feat - not great but it is what it is.

Mental Balm

So we get to the first of many alternate amps and... this is a really bad start. I get that most of the benefit is in counteracting frightened/stupefied, which is probably decent, but this affects so few psi cantrips as is - I think just Guidance and Message?

Warp Space

This goes back to the issue I mentioned earlier with the amp damage enhancements being tied to the spell's initial amps - this would be a reasonable option if it still did full damage but... it doesn't. You lose half of your damage for this effect. Definitely not worth it.

Psychic Beacon

Ok this one is really niche - you get a faerie fire - maybe, and lose half your damage for it. You also need to use this on an area effect or even the spell you're beaconing will have a miss chance.

Definitely needs a refinement.

Spontaneous Ignition

The "more damage" amp... except its not because you lose the amp heightening.

Strain Mind

A reasonable feat to essentially do more of what your class is supposed to do, and by far the best feat at this level because, well, the other two are amps that don't do much.

Inertial Barrier

This amp is a pretty reasonable alternative for support cantrips. It suffers the same issue as Mental Balm though - the quantity of cantrips it can apply to is really limited, unless you want to telekinetic projectile your own allies to give them resist. I suppose you could always put the resist on yourself after casting a cantrip at least.

Parallel Breakthrough

"Pick from another subclass" feat - I wonder why it's limited to only their unique surface cantrip? Would also appreciate the ability to take this more than once.

Sixth sense

If there were class skill/general feats, this feels like something that should be in that category. Alas there are not. 6th feels like an incredible high price to pay for this.

Thoughtform Summoning

I don't even understand why this is on the psychic to be honest. Is it supposed to be like an astral construct? This feels like a feat that would belong in a summoner archetype rather than on the psychic - given their extremely limited number of top level slots, they don't make good summoners.

Unleash Calculated Reasoning

I guess it has no drawback. This should probably be a level 1 option for blaster psychics. Pick between self-defense, focused intent and calculated reasoning.

Unleash Soaring Passions

The drawback isn't severe on this one, but it takes so long to do anything. You can unleash on round 2 at the earliest, but then you need to cast a spell on round 3 to get a benefit on round 4... maybe.

Overall just takes too long to do anything, though i like the idea of the feat maybe it would be better as a not unleash.

Deeper Breakthrough

Standard "get your later focus" feat, though i wish it gave an extra focus point.

Lingering Psyche

If combat isn't over by round 5 I guess this is decent to have... probably extremely rare this ever does anything though.

Mental Static

Another extremely niche feat - you have to naturally roll a crit success on a will save, which is already unlikely, then you use your reaction and all you get is a measly... level damage.

Probably should have an easier condition and/or not be a reaction. Maybe combine it with the feat that gives resistance.

Mesmerising Gaze

This feat doesn't look good but for no actions it can be alright. Can be, because it's limited to single target enchantment spells.

Could we get some expansions on this feat maybe?

Autonomic Clairvoyance/Telepathy/Telekinesis

All of these are pretty weak and feel like they could just be a first or third level benefit of the subconscious mind. Clairvoyance is probably the best one, but even then deny advantage + init isn't the most exciting thing ever. I'd swap it for some sort of imprecise sense like "futuresense" if i made it a 1st level feature.

Signature spell expansion

Some extra signature spells - not great, particularly because you have so few spells known, only 2/3 of which you actually get to select. That being said, there's some reasonable low level spells with heightened effects that you might not want to learn at both levels due to your limited slots, so this could be worth it.

Unleash Dark Persona

I have a feeling this is supposed to be one of those feats that is meant to punish enemies for attacking you by unleashing a super powerful psyche... there's a few problems with it though.

First, the awkardness of tracking as mentioned before. Second, you can't be KO'd despite being damaged on two separate rounds by an enemy, because third it has to be a strong enemy as you take penalties to damaging anyone else, the benefit is only for dealing damage and your psyche immediately ends when that enemy is defeated.

I feel like this should have better benefits (and maybe a harsher drawback against other creatures to balance that out) for what it is

Empathic Connection

A reasonable feat for the psychic to have, I don't think there's a whole bunch of spells it actually works on though? As far as I can tell it's only Soothe and Zealous Conviction - more Emotion spells are offensive.

Mantra of Discipline

Way, way too weak. One action to get a +1 to saving throws against very specific spells and half level resistance to very specific spells until the start of your next turn.

Sorcerer has an 8th level feat that gives +1 to all saves all the time and I have never seen it taken.

This needs some serious buffs or a total rework.

Unleash Immediate Gratification

The next in the line of psyches, this one's benefit is that you can do it starting at round 1! But it also has a horrid drawback of giving all your spells -1 to SPAtks/DCs and a DC6 flat check for failure. And also, with your 2 focus recharge, you probably don't need to unleash on round 1...

In my opinion, if this is kept, particularly at this high of a level and other psyches are buffed accordingly, this should just have no drawback at all. The drawback is that there is no benefit aside from being able to enter it early.

Unleash Reflexive Sustainment

This is like a really really bad Effortless Concentration. It only works for two rounds - rounds 4 and 5, because you can't immediately sustain on the turn you use it due to how quicken works. The Drawback locks you out of mental scan aid which is bad, but the worst part about this is mostly just how bad the benefit is.

Conscious Spell Specialisation

I don't really see this one being taken, the cost of just buying those slots with money is trivial by this point, a 14th feat is expensive. I see why they're hesitant about giving you a feat that just gives you more spells - might be better to scrap this one entirely.

Deep Roots

This feat is really bad. If a creature crit fails a save against an effect that forces it to take certain actions or controls it, that creature is dead or irrelevant to the rest of combat. And extra 1d4 mental damage per spell level is completely unnecessary.

I'd prefer this feat do the reverse - if they pass or crit pass the save they take some minor mental damage as a failsafe for these otherwise very risky spells.

Shatter Space

Decent with dual amp - before that, I guess it's ok damage for a focus point. It does cost you the ability to use another amp though, so if you're doing a message you get nothing.

One thing I'd like clarified is the intention with start of turn effects - apparently, because the Psychic chooses the resolution of their own start of turn effects, if they are in their own shatter space area they can have it expire before they need to save, so they take no damage.

Constant Levitation

Not sure why this flight feat is so limited, other classes and ancestries get permanent flight around this time. I understand the issues with flight in and out of combat, but this is really really limited - it should be much lower level as is, or just give permanent flight if it remains at this level.

Unleash Poltergeist Phenomena

While cool, the benefits require you, with your squishy 6 hp chassis, to be within 15 ft of an enemy whereas the drawbacks are constantly hitting you. Not worth it as is.

Maybe if it gave some other poltergeist effects like invisibility....

Cranial Detonation

Similar to Spontaneous Ignition, this hurts from losing the amp scaling. It's very unlikely that your unscaled amps will take out an enemy at this level, and even if they do... it's 1d4/spell level in 15ft. Unfriendly too.

The flavour is cool, i just wish this was a lot better than it is.

Deepest Wellspring

This should just be something you get automatically at 11/13.

Multifaceted Psyche

I assume this is supposed to be a 20th feat like most of the "two X" feats are, even though it says feat 18, but its under the 20th section.

If it's level 20, make it do something wild. You need to meet the prereqs of both psyches anyway, make it give both the benefits but neither of the drawbacks.

If it's level 18, well, its power heavily depends on that of the pscyhes (and your ability to even meet the requirements for two of them). As of currently, I don't see myself taking it ever.

Become Thought

A cool capstone - become a being of pure thought but... why are the benefits so weak. Just resist 10 physical? And reviving once per century. It's level 20, make it wild. Make me incorporeal, let me move through walls, revive once a year...

Mind Over Matter

Standard caster feat. Nothing to say about this.

Dual Amplification

Probably the best of these feats at this level. It's still not great, mostly because amps aren't great, but at least you get a free shatter space with all your message amps.

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