Sepulchrals buying necrograft version of biotech and cybernetic augmentations

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I found something i would like cleared up. Sepulchral Evolutionists get a discount on buying necrografts. This is 10% by default, but if there is another discount it increases that discount by 5%. There is a relatively small amount of necrografts, however it is also possible to purchase a biotech or cybernetic augmentation as a necrograft costing only 90% of the normal price.

My question is what the price for a necrograft version of one of these augmentations would be.

Would it be 85% of the originally listed price, meaning the 90% pricetag should be seen as a 10% discount?

Or would it be 81% of the price, as you get a 10% discount starting from the reduced price that is the necrografts price?

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I ran into a similar issue with figuring out the price of biotech versions of cybernetic augmentations for an eldritch niche.

I don't think it's a discount in your case, and I assume price percentage adjustments are multiplicative. But I cannot find any actual rules that clarify this.

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A clarfication would indeed be nice but they I interpreted it was that Biotech and cybernetic augments as necrografts don't get a discount. They just have a lower base value.

This is of course, my interpretation on it

Has this ever been clarified?

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