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Hey there favorite people!

Just checking in because my account seems to be doing the limbo again :)

Something ugly happened to my account a couple years back and it's never been quite right in the head since - orders get pre-authed but never actually finalized and shipped.

Order 36419368 from March and order 36459003 from May are both stuck in Pending and I'm guessing June will end up there too.

When someone gets a chance to give the order beast a poke that would be great :)

thank you as always!

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Hiya! Just wanted to let you know that we're looking into this!

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Hey out there!

Any luck? Looks like June and perhaps July are both now piling onto the camel's back :)

Good thing Order Cart is strong like bull.


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I think the order beast secretly changed my account to be "Hold for yearly shipment" :)

Owner - House of Books and Games LLC

I'm fully aware this will put me a the bottom of the queue as it is if CS still handles the forum stuff the same way.

I also have a suspicion it won't make a huge difference :)

The orders in question are:

Order 36419368 (March)
Order 36459003 (May)
Order 36531036 (June)
Order 36598273 (August)
Order 36668909 (September)

No sign of October yet but looks like odds are 5 out of 6 it'll end up in the same boat. (container? :)


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