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One neat thing about PF2e is that equipment can be higher level. We have already see a couple of higher level weapons like the sword cane, but it the potential is that there could be all kinds of fancy "mundane" weapons. Perhaps we might see some in Guns and Gear.

Here are some examples:

Basket Hilted Rapier/Long/Short Sword: An elaborate basket hilt adds the parry trait to a rapier, longsword or short sword.

Mercurial Greatsword: These were probably inspired by Gene Wolf's Books of the New Sun. Severian is an executioner who has a greatsword with a hollow blade that contains mercury so that as it swings it gains the benefits of having a lot of weight at the end. I doubt it would actually be useful in real life, but in a fantasy RPG it must be awesome. Perhaps it adds the forceful trait to a greatsword.

Knightly Sword: a bastard sword with versatile (piercing), the way it should have been. In our world this would be the equivalent of an Oakshott type XVa, or XVIIIa-c longsword.

Dueling Greatsword: These are swords that requires two hands, do a d12 slashing versatile piercing and that have a new trait, free hand, that lets use feats like combat grab, dueling parry, or disarming stance that require you to have a hand free while wielding a single handed weapon. Weapons with the free hand trait can not be used if your have anything other than the weapon in either hand. So, you can't wield a free hand weapon in one hand, and a shield in the other, for example.

Mighty Composite Bows: these are bows that allow you to apply your full strength bonus at the first range increment.

Compound Bows: a fancy system of pulleys negates any strength penalty to damage on the bow.

My suspicion is that the tech weapons, lasers and chainsaws and so on, are going to fall into this category when/if they make it into the game.

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