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Is there any way to get some better organization for the My Downloads page? At minimum identify items that are PF 1st, PF 2nd, or Starfinder?
Because right now I have two different Beginner Boxes and the only way to differentiate them is by the Date Last updated.

I have the Core Rulebook and Bestiary under "Rulebooks." APG is under "Hardcovers." Bestiary 2 and GMG under the heading "Second Edition Rulebooks." If this could be organized like they are in the store all under "Rulebooks."

Ideally I'd like to be able to filter out games by edition, easily collapse different topics and generally just group everything better.

This would help me find materials more easily, keep track of what I own and what don't own and generally greatly improve the usability of that page.

I don’t use PDFs much, but every time I do I miss the ability to create “folders”.

Yes, I would like some way to filter the list.

Silver Crusade

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The Digital Downloads page needs to be brought kicking an screaming into the 2020s.

I don't know how much of the Paizo business runs on digital downloads, but right now the experience is very dated and as collections grow, is becoming unwieldy for customers to manage.

It looks like they're using Nuxt.js for the Paizo website, hopefully there is a plan to modernise the Digital Downloads page.

Horizon Hunters

As a venture agent, this would be absolutely wonderful!

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