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After reading a lot of the discussions here and trying the class out with my son, I believe there should be a host of 1st level feats that address reloading. I've seen several people mention using Skill Feats in conjunction with reloading and I'd be fine with that but I feel there could be more to it.

Example Feats:

Pummel Strike Reload
1 Action. Strike but the Attack deals a scaling 1D4 Damage and you Reload.

Rallying Reload
1 Action. Reload. Gain Half Level Temp Hit Points if your below Half Health.

Desperate Reload
Reaction. Trigger: You take Damage. Reload.

Intimidating Reload
1 Action. When you reload you may attempt to demoralize a creature you struck with the weapon your reloading this round.

I also strongly feel Duel Weapon Reload should be a 1st level or 2nd level Feat for Gunslingers.

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