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Ive been trying to find conversions to pf1e. The most recent information ive found was from 2016, and the links are mostly dead to NPC conversions. Is there any place that this information might be found? Best ive found is the first 3 chapters hosted on a blog site.

As far as I know, this was never done. There was someone who converted all of Savage Tide and Age of Worms and Legacy of Fire - but to my knowledge, there isn't a complete conversion of Shackled City.

I worked on a conversion through chapter 2 - but once PF2e came out, I switched to that (and I'm only through Demonskar Legacy in that conversion anyway).

Of course, the internet is endless and I could have missed someone doing this project.

There is a full conversion of Shackled City for Hero Labs.

I have just finished running Shackled City using the Pathfinder rules and this is what I did for conversion:
1) For monsters almost all of them are found in the Pathfinder Bestiaries and I used the statblocks there. Note dragons have a lower CR system in D&D 3 to make those encounters more tough. I guided myself with the age category, ending with higher CRs.

2) For the few monsters not found in the Bestiaries (Beholder, Spell weaver and just a couple more) I used the Creature Chronicle conversions.

3) For the rest, I used the D&D3 entries, for the most part you only need to calculate the CMD. I do remember perhaps a couple of templates that required to dig on old D&D books to find out, but 90% of the time you can run the D&D3 stats effortlessly. Note about the Demodands, there are a few on the Bestiaries, but do not correspond exactly with the D&D3. I used the D&D3 stats but also used the ones on the Bestiaries to add variety to the campaign (there are a lot of demodands on the last chapters and they can become repetitive encounters).

4) On the case of humanoids, D&D3 have them be 1 CR higher than Pathfinder. On those case I sometimes added a class level to compensate, but most of the times I would just add an additional monster or a copy of the goon. This is by far the part that took me the most time (first three books are ok without conversions), I did it because I wanted, but if you do not want to invest the time, use the advanced template and adding creatures to the encounters, they are fast easy ways to balance things out.

5) The first half of the campaign works good enough with those rules, from there on the characters skyrocket and the extra HP and Feats Pathfinder accumulates (and class features) becomes really noticeable. Do not hesitate to add HP to the creatures, and some feats to make encounters more interesting. Sometimes it is enough to add the advanced template to have the encounters on par.

Finally, I had the party keep a level, then two, behind what it is advised for each chapter of the AP, from level 7 to 16. After that, I started to level up very fast the party again because we all wanted to end the last combat with the PCs at level 20 as it is supposed for this epic campaign! This was very noticeable as the PCs started to just run through the encounters without problem, but we were fine at that point, for all the interesting parts of the plot had been done and we were happy to go through the final slog fast and swift. Everyone seemed happy to feel their characters were imparable by that point.

Oh, we also used the Hero Points system from the Advanced Player's Guide, which really helped us to keep the same characters from level 1 to 20. They used this three times to avoid a character death on the early levels. If you prefer, you can just hand them 4 points at the beginning of the campaign, because the early levels can really be very swingy, and not give them extra points on level up, so they really save them for when it is really needed to avoid damaging the campaign dynamics.

My five cents there! :)

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