[AP] The Shackled City Adventure Path by GM Rutseg

Game Master Balacertar


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Group Stealth (passive): -5 (Kikinnin)
Group Stealth (active): 5 (Kikinnin)
Group Perception: 27 (Marigold)
Group Sense motives: 30 (Marigold)
Group Spellcraft: 24 (Maxim)
Group Appraise: 23 (Maxim)

Detail Maxim Fetor's spellbook

The Shackled City AP Player's Guide
Game expectations
Campaign Index
Chapters Index
- Ch 1. Life’s Bazaar
- Interlude. Major’s assassination attempt
- Ch 2. Drakhtar’s Way
- Ch 3. The Flood Season
- Ch 4. Zenith Trajectory
- Interlude. Against the duergar slavers
- Continuing Zenith Trajectory…
- Ch 5. The Demonskar Legacy
- Interlude. Osirion Spellweaver’s Tomb
- Ch 6. Test of the Smoking Eye
- Ch 7. Secrets of the Soul Pillars
- Interlude. Against the Demonskar (published as Against the Demonskar - A Shackled City Sidequest)
- Continuing Secrets of the Soul Pillars...
- Ch 8. Lords of Oblivion
- Ch 9. Foundation of Flame
- Ch 10. Thirteen Cages

Cast of NPCs:
Adrick Garthûn: Rich dwarven merchant and oncle of Maxim. He is always followed by his two bodyguards Daxavalt and Kerg.
Alek Tercival: Paladin guardian of the Abadar's temple.
Annah Taskerhill
Artus Shemwick: Tipped Tankard cooker and information broker.
Cora Lathenmire
Celeste: Mysterious woman that seemed to know something about JJ.
Davked Splintershield: Father of Zenith Splintershield, and left commander of the Malachite Fortress when he left. Lost control of the fortress to Kazmojen.
Embril Aloustinai: Head of the Church of Wee Jaas (Pharasma)
Fario Ellegoth: Mysterious half-elf that helped the group against Kazmojen.
Fellian Shard: Mysterious half-elf that helped the group against Kazmojen.
Tyro Amberhelm/Meerthan Eliothlorn: Leader of the Striders of Fharlanghn.
Gretchyn Tashykk: Halfling headmistress of the Lantern Street Orphanage.
Ike Iverson: Second of the Church of Wee Jaas (Pharasma) after Embril Aloustinai.
Jenya Urikas: Temporary manager of the Abadar's temple and patron of the party.
Jil: Mysterious woman member of the Last Laugh.
Keygan Ghelve: Lock crafter forced into the disappearances.
Ikkyu Sojun
Lyssa Haventree: Musician and learner of the ways of the bard, and great friend of Marigold. She was the daughter of the Brass Trumped tavern owners before the plague. She is married to Gryffon.
Maavu Arlintal: Prominient Cauldron merchant.
Orak Stonehaven: Owner of the bathhouse by his name.
Sara Marsh: Young girl of the Lucky Monkey family owners.
Severen Navalant: Current Lord Major.
Shensen Tesseril: Dark half-elf caretaker of Desna's shrine at the Lucky Monkey.
Skie Aldersun: A gnome female and former adventurer, she is a sorcerer and owner of the only shop specialized in magical items at town.
Terrem Kharatys: A particularly proud child, researched by the Last Laugh and enslaved by Kazmojen.
Terseon Skellerang: Captain of the town's guard.
Todd Vanderboren alt
Vhalantru: Minor lord and counsellor of the Major.
Zachary Aslaxin II

Malachite Prisoners:

Freed at the forge
Sondor Ironfold: Dwarf female, age 127.
Jeneer Everdawn: Halfling, age 42. A jeweler's apprentice who did volunteer work at Bluecrater Academy.
Maple: Halfling female, age 32. Seems to have roguish skills...
Freed at the kitchen
Gryffon Malek: Man, age 33. Barkeep at the Tipped Tankard tavern, promised to Lyssa Haventree.
Children missing (and found in the Throne room)
Deakon Stormshield: Dwarf, age 20. Orphan. His parents did not return from an adventure.
Anafa Radavec: Female human, age 9. Orphan. A quite and sullen girl. Father and mother succumbed to the filth fever. Friend of Marigold.
Lucinda Aldreen: Female human, age 8. Orphan. A gregarious but superstitious child left behind by her poverty-stricken mother.
Terrem Kharatys: Human, age 9. Orphan. Dour and temperamental, his parents died shortly after his birth to unknown circumstances. Patch (Lantern Street Orphanage) was paid by the Last Laugh to keep an eye on him.
Freed at Nightshield quarters
Coryston Pike: Woman, age 35. Retired adventurer. Beautiful and alluring, needs a cane to walk.
Krylscar Endercott: Man, age 24. Dondarrion explained he was kicked out of the militia for drunk and disorderly conduct.
Deven Myrzal: Man, age 18. A lamplighter.
Irruth Mercadi: Woman, age 36. Local chandler.
Jasper Drundlesput: Gnome, age 74. Reclusive and eccentric mathematics professor disappeared from the Bluecrater Academy.
Freed dwarves
Mirna Rouradont: Kikinnin's mother. Found at Kazmojen's private quarters.
Davked Splintershield: Father of Zenith Splintershield, and left commander of the Malachite Fortress when he left. Lost control of the fortress to Kazmojen.
Garoth: Dwarf that used to mock Kikinnin in his youth. Injured in one arm.
Anga Fulgrentforge: Cousin to Maxim from father's blood, was a child when Zenith left.
20 other dwarves
Known but not found
Gralthar Nightshield: Dwarven maid from Maxim's past. A priest of Torag.
Pocca Rouradont: Kikinnin's father.
Keygan's woman:
Gabriel Ulrom: Renn's son.

Jzadirune's personal book

Cauldron Herald issue log:

Jzadirune keys:

Languages Cheat Sheet:

Abyssal = Gujarati
Aklo = Bengali
Auran = Sinhala
Azlanti = Latin
Celestial = Armenian
Draconic = Chinese
Dwarven = Danish / Russian
Elven = Finnish
Giant = Euskera
Goblin = Hmong
Halfling = Dutch
Hallit = Mongolian
Infernal = Tajik
Kelish = Persian
Orc = Klingon
Osiriani = Arabic
Polyglot = Swahili
Shoanti = Maori
Skald = Icelandic
Terran = Welsh
Thassilonian = Greek
Tien = Japanese
Undercommon = Khmer
Varisian = Romanian
Vudrani = Hindi

[dice=JJ (extra +2 vs humans, +4 vs evil outsiders, +2 in urban; +10 in abyss(or natives of the abyss); +2 underground; +2 in Jungle; +2 Plane(fire))]1d20+19[/dice]
[dice=Kikinnin (+2 stones; darkvision)]1d20+1[/dice]
[dice=Maxim (+2 stones; darkvision)]1d20+13[/dice]

[dice=JJ (+2 urban, +2 underground, +2 jungle, +10 Abyss, +2 plane of fire)]1d20+4[/dice]


[spoiler=Sense motives]
[dice=Enemy bluff]1d20+0[/dice]

Hero points:

Level 14 updated
JJ: 1/3 cheat death from a polymorphed otyguth crit, dodge a deathful gargantuan worm bite, jump through a balcony to catch up Aushana the erinyes, cheat Motruk's deadly sword, call his angelic blood to heal him from Ike, cheat death from Ike's destruction spell, heroically faced and controlled a stampede
Kikinnin: 1/3 Byapass grick's DR, critically hit a Purple Worm before being swallowed whole to save the group from certain death, rethink a bad duergar suggestion, cleanly cut through a Hezrou demon in Occipitus, Kikinnin avoids being "suggested" by a succubus, deadly charge on Calmus Vel, smite Dreghakus, swiftly decapitate Mhad the vampire, survive Aszithef
Marigold: 0/3 insist until convincing the Stormblades to share Drakthar's eipcs, summon a higher level ally to end the purple worm, recall enough healing magic to hold the stand against Brilmara, Drolkar duergar High Priestess, overpass Aushana's the erinyes SR, keep Ryan up in front of Aushana's hatred, pierce through Nabthatoron SR with her spiritual ally, rushing a mass cure on most needed ambush moment, bless with fervor the party on bad odds against Ike, mops Thifirane villain convention with electricity, strike a kelubar demodand before he can summon a host, heal the party while suffering under Moltenwing's magma
Maxim: 1/3 Reroll to crit single-shot a dark creeper, recover a used spell to burn Kazmojen the half-troll slaver, recall acid arrow to finish a dynosaurs skeleton, arcane stabbed an offending morlock in the Darklands, inscribe a comprehend language spell from memory to understand Darklands faeries, recalls a lightning bolt for fried beetle and duergar knight, Maxim flies to the Cathedral ceiling to avoid the wall of fire, double fire a frost pistol on Motruk the fire giant, magic missile barrage of bolts on Calmus Vel, end Ike with a final barrage of magic missiles, pierce through Jarragon's SR, electrocuted a fiendish octopus, recovers a scorching ray to fry Tifirane's Shield guardian
Kythel: 1/3 to find out he should purge invisibility at the Brass Trumpet, lowers the temperature at Tifirane's convention, recovers a flamestrike to throw over Tifirane and the Blue Duke, a failed attempt to wound the Morkoth
Juraan: 3/3 double-bomb a nest of spiders, free from spider webs, magic missile nuke Skaven, to fire nuke a dinosaur skeleton, acid toast a Purple Worm to save Kikinnin, double blast Gortrod the red wyrm, Juraan flings a second spell to free Kikinnin from webs
Ryan: 3/3 Ryan's faith frees him from a Sepia's sigil force field, recall a restoration spell to save JJ from purple venom, to stop with his mace a kuo-toa from making him fall 60', to blast Motruk the fire giant with powerful light, escape death from half-orc assassin

Unlocked spells:

Spells out of the Core book are unblocked by research or found spells during the adventure