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I’ve started to see the first case of SF Battles show up around the place. Any chance you’re able to provide details as to when that is likely to release and when (if?) we’ll be able to subscribe?

I guess there’s no real rush, but if I’m not going to be able to subscribe here I want to get onto another site before they sell out their preorders.


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Dotting in because I'm interested in news about release options and subscription info for Starfinder Battles, too. Pretty keen on Planets of Peril!

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I second Steve's request.

I'd prefer to subscribe at Paizo. But if that's not an option I'd like to know with enough lead time to be able to preorder elsewhere before those dry up.


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Here's an update for you guys...

This set (Planets of Peril) is currently a March 2021 release and there is a Premium being released along with it (Docking Bay) which is super cool.

When it comes to Paizo offering a subscription, we have to be sure there's a line of products to support it and we need to have some idea of what the release cadence will be. So while we understand that WizKids is excited about supporting Starfinder with miniatures, we do not have enough info yet to feel comfortable launching a sub.

I figure that the next question will be, if I'm a PFB subscriber, and if there's no SFB sub, will I be able to get my PFB discount on the SFB release? Unfortunately I do not have an answer for this right now but it is something we are discussing so stay tuned.

Thanks, Jeff.

Really appreciate the update - to be honest, March is earlier than I expected so awesome!
I’ll keep an eye out for preorder details in the new year.


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