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I think it was said that the playtest, like the APG one, will not get any updates. Which it's totally fine, the pieces of design being playtested here are not of the scale of a full ruleset like the Core Playtest.

However, one of the most reassuring parts of the Core Playtest (that, IIRC, was limited to a closing "session" in the APG playtest) was the streams where the designers talked about the feedback and showed they were aware of the problems.

Now, I know the designers are around and even interact with us here at the boards, but nothing beats someone talking into a camera and interacting that way. Also, it is interesting to hear the designers POVs about rules and the playtest and understand the reasoning.

So, given what is shaping up to be a mildly controversial playtest, is it possible, with the know-how acquired during the online cons, to get some streams like we had during the Core Playtest?

I can't check right now, but I think with the apg playtest there was just one stream at the end, showing how they were looking to change the classes based on the data?

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