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I know this may be a question for "Homebrew" section of the forum,but I also wonder if this would be a rule that follows the concept of the game or not. I was thinking that a character may have a chance to "naturally heal" itself during a turn. I propose that at the beginning of a character's turn (just after the blessing deck was advanced one card) a character may have an option to "heal" one random card and that will be the only action that character performs that turn. That character may not give a card to another, cast any spells.... The plus side to this is you have added one card (at random) from your discard pile to your deck. The payment you must makes is 1. No other actions that turn. 2. You have advanced "the blessing deck." Therefore, you have advanced time. This may be a way characters who do not have healing powers, spells, or items may have an opportunity to do so as long as that character is willing to pay the price.
Anyhow, it was a thought, and would like your thoughts if this would be a viable option or if it would be deemed "illegal."
Thanks and have a good one!

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This is generally a Cleric power; check out Kyra for example. Sacrifice the first exploration to heal some cards. Some spells in older pre-Core sets let you also heal at closed locations, e.g. Safe Harbor.

You are correct that this belongs in the Homebrew forum however, since RAW it is not a thing.

As to whether sacrificing an entire turn to heal one card is viable? No, it really is not in the vast majority of cases. Way too weak.

I'm not sure what you mean by a rule that "follows the concept of the game". Like skizzerz said, by RAW rules this isn't allowed. However, you can do this in your own games as a custom rule and nobody would bat an eye.

However, I'm more interested in the problem you're trying to solve rather than the actual result. Are you playing with a solo character? Are you playing in a party that has no healers of any type in it?

In this game, the healing role isn't a healbot (as in, the only thing they do is heal). While I get that some people just don't want to play healers, it is a party role in the game and a fairly crucial one (just like having a character that can deal with a lot of monsters easily is a role, or having a character that can deal with barriers, etc). What's causing this problem to pop up and how do you get around it? Does your group order your healers around too much? Are they overinvested in being "the person that takes care of the villain"? Can you just add a character that the group controls that is essentially a healbot (eg Kyra)?

If your group isn't invested in being cooperative, I think you'll find that not being able to heal is going to be the least of your problems.

Note that a technique to "provide first aid" to another character exists : you start your turn on the same location as the character that require healing, and you give him one card from your hand before your movement phase. This can help a character whose deck is almost empty survive by giving one more card as a buffer.

That said, losing a full turn (ar at least the first exploration) in exchange for healing one card might be a fair houserule.

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