Looking for something I can use for Trico from The Last Guardian.


This topic has spoilers. You have been warned.

So I just got this game, and I love it, same as all Team Ico games. But while it seems a lot of talk about Shadow of the Colossus has happened for Pathfinder homebrew/conversions, none has been done for The Last Guardian. I can understand Ico not having anything, since the items are really the best thing to convert, but The Last Guardian has Tricos, which are powerful Huge or Guargantuan sized Dog Bird Cat things, similar to Griffons, but bigger, stronger, more dog like, and able to shoot lightning from their tails.

This lightning gets stronger as you progress throughout the game, becoming quicker to charge, and eventually, shoots large balls of lightning rapid fire instead of a slow moving beam.

They also have horns, which they don’t use for combat, because they are mind controlled through the horns, so damaging them is bad for the enslaver.

Also, they heal very quickly, even being able to regrow body parts. But this is not the bs Regeneration ability Pathfinder has, where they can’t die unless hit with a specific type of damage to negate the healing, because they can die. So it is like a cross between Fast Healing and Regeneration.

Finally, they can inscribe tattooes on those that enter their mouths/stomachs, which cause the recipient to get burdened if hit with runic magic, eventually making it where you can’t move at all. You can spend actions to remove some of the stacking runes burdening you, until you remove enough to move, and finally, enough to move fully.

So is there anything like this in Pathfinder that I can use as the base creature before making some adjustments to more suit Tricos? The tattooes aren’t really important, as the Tricos aren’t the ones casting the runic magic, so it wouldn’t matter if they have that ability in Pathfinder. The horns don’t matter either, as I can just make them susceptible to mind control magic, or just give the base creature horns.

Let's see...
- Elemental-Infused Creature (air) with a Huge Dire Wolf

- Huge Winter Wolf variant with a lightning breath weapon

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