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Sorry to bother again, but I ran into another question about the Android Xenometric Adaptation.. Namrly, the entry says that they possess the physical features and size. My question is, by physical features are they incorporating the racial ability adjustments, or only the appearance? I belive they mean just the appearance, but I could be wrong here. I have seen other posts that mention things in regards to this, but nothing concrete about it as far as I could tell (and it is possible I missed something, would not be the first time lol). Any information on this would be helpful. Thank you in advance.

Only the appearance and size category.

Garretmander wrote:
Only the appearance and size category.

Thank you.. I thought as much, but wanted to be sure before I told them so.

However, now I get to be sad that they didn't add Skittermander to the List.. I really enjoy those little things lol.

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