A hypothetical monster conversion conundrum


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I have been reading through the Gamemastery edition, particularly st the creature building rules. While I can grasp them for entirely new creations, I am totally at a loss for "translating" creatures from 1st edition. I desperately need advice here. For sake of argument, I was looking specifically at the Drow fighter, which seems to (at least to me) defy the translation tips given.

Could someone who has had success translating a creature from 1st ed. perhaps spare a little bit of time and walk me through converting the Drow between the two editions? It would save my sanity, which is fleeting the more I look at the rules.I'm in danger of becoming the next sacrifice to the underdark...

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What seems to be the issue? The Drow Fighter (2E) is a dude with a sword, and so is the Drow Scout (1E), which seem to be the closest comparison both being level/CR 1. Neither of them seem to have any kind of gimmick, outside the Drow innate spells.

What's tripping you up?

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The PF2 Drow Fighter creature is not a direct conversion of any specific PF1 Bestiary entry. It's a level 1 (CR 1 in PF1 terms) Drow Fighter...the closest equivalent would be the Drow House Guard, but even there the weapons and fighting style are very different.

But conversions in and of themselves are easy. what do you want converted?

You don't actually convert a P1 monster to P2. You decide what level it is, then go down the tables selecting the numbers you see fit. Then you tack on some thematic abilities with DR set, again, from the tables.

The PF2 Drow seem closer to older Drow than PF1 Drow.

The PF2 ones have many similarities to a PC Fighters, lining up nearly exactly on stats. Yet they also have a "Drow get this" level of innate spell ability a PC would have to unlock over many levels. Plus it looks like two combat feats (so class feats), one which is level 2 and non-Fighter, and Skewer which seems unique to them (especially at 1st!).

So yep, those are monster stats, not conversions. And thank goodness after all those weakling Drow from 3.X onward.

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