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Attack of the Swarm

Has anyone found some good bug miniatures for this AP? Pre-painted or un-painted either is fine.

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Honestly if your looking for miniatures for AotS then I'd suggest the Tyranid army line from GamesWorkshop. Even the Necron line has little metal scarabs that look neat. The biggest problem with them is expense. They can run you pretty high in cost. I have a bunch so I have first hand experience. I would say go to e-bay and find a small lot that'll run you cheap. I used the Hormagaunt line from them as Akata's against my players so they are well sized for the one inch boards. It almost feels like the swarm were ment to be used by the Tyranid models.


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One of my player had an old Tyranid Army and we use them - thanks to the modularity of it, I can build a lot of different "Veskers" from it. :D

I have a bunch of Geonosians from the old star wars miniatures line I've been using


Reaper has a lot of minis usable for this.

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