If a mythic being is killed by an undead do you get a mythic spawn?


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Something i was wondering about lets say you have a tier 3 mythic pc that gets killed by a vampire would the resulting vampire spawn be a mythic vampure spawn or a normal one?

It may depend on the wording for the type of spawn. But I see nothing that would take mythic away from the creature by adding the vampire spawn template. If it were a sorcerer it could still cast spells, so if it were mythic it should still be mythic.

Mythic, definitely. After all, it's a pretty feeble myth if it just peters out like that. Besides, a non-mythic vampire spawn is barely a speed-bump to a Mythic 3 party.

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I'd say the - at best - defeating a mythic PC should count as a mythic trial... for the vampire. As in, the vampire should power up. Its spawn shouldn't be mythic unless said vampire has an ability that makes its spawn mythic.

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Interesting point that defeating a mythic being would count as a mythic trial, hmmm.

There would be a huge difference between something that adds a template, like vampire, and something that does not, like a shadow.

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