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Dear Paizo Customer Service,

I am very confused about the order that I just placed (Order 16846546). I intended to buy one Complete Character Folio 6-pack, but it seems like I ended up buying seven them. This is in line with the email that I sent to Paizo Customer Service yesterday (email from draconicmorph@aol.com, sent at 10:19AM EST) where I was seeing seven items in the order subtotal, but the number entry field was somehow absent from the page.

Another point of confusion is that when I went through the purchase process, the total appeared as $42.91, the price of one 6-pack of the Complete Character Folio after shipping and the GM's Day discount. However, the page arrived at and mirrored in the confirm email displayed the total displayed as $216.59. That is to say, as if I purchased seven of the 6-packs.

Can you folks please rectify the situation so that my purchase is only for one 6-pack of the Complete Character Folio. I would greatly appreciate it.

Let me know if you have any questions for me with this. Thanks so much for your assistance.

Take care.

Dave Nolan

In fact, what I would have most liked to do is purchase two 6-packs of the Complete Character Portfolio product to get the GM Day Discount on these, but I will await whatever resolution you can provide to me. Thanks very much for your help with this.

Take care.

Dave N.

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello DragonValor,

We got it all sorted out. You should be receiving an email confirmation. You're going to see 12 of the individual folios discounted so they match the 6 pack price with the gmthanks promo. If everything looks good let me know and I will get it out the door.

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