Compiling the List of Downtime Activities

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PF2 continues to delight in the "ease of GMing" category and I've found that the 3 modes of play are intuitive for old and new players alike -- for the most part.

Downtime has been the one with the highest incidence of "player paralysis", which isn't incredibly surprising as most of a typical campaign's focus is on Exploration and Encounter activities. I've always found downtime activities enrich a campaign and help invest the players in the story and setting, so I'm looking to get better use out of Downtime. I really like PF2's approach to codifying Downtime activities as providing players a list of options provides examples of what's possible and helps GMs come up with their own ideas.

In the PF2 CRB, there's an understandably limited selection of Downtime activities. I know some others have been introduced in the Adventure Path installments and Players Guides, but aside from the Age of Ashes Players Guide I don't know of any specific Downtime activities and the issues where they were added. I haven't been able to find a consolidated list online anywhere, either.

So, if you know of or have access to a product that contains Downtime activities, please list the name and the product that contains them here for a running total. Don't reprint the activity in total as I assume that would violate Paizo's rules, but it would be nice to know what activities are available and where they're located.

Pathfinder 2 Core Rulebook:
Create Forgery
Earn Income
Long-term Rest
Treat Disease

Undefined examples/suggestions: Acquire property, manage a business, join a guild or civic group, curry favor, command an army, acquire an apprentice, start a family, minister to a congregation.

Age of Ashes Players Guide:
Befriend a Local

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Age of Ashes book 2 might have the most robust set with it's castle rebuilding stuff, and it probably qualifies best as downtime as optional activities done between adventures. But books 4 and 5 have extensive downtime activities built in as parts of the adventure. Book 5 gives you a full month of it I think to prepare for an operation.

PF2 uses also uses a really nicely formatted presentation of plot specifics actions and activities that really pop out when you read one of the books.

Thanks, Captain Morgan. I'd forgotten how many were in AoA #2. While they're more story-specific than general-use, I still like how they demonstrate ways to codify Downtime activities.

Befriend a Local - AoA PG

Administer - AoA #2
Organize Labor - AoA #2

Clean (a ruined structure) - AoA #2
Clear Courtyard (ruined structure) - AoA #2
Make General Repairs (structure) - AoA #2
Rebuild Battlements (structure) - AoA #2
Rebuild Collapsed Stairs (structure) - AoA #2
Repair Crumbled Walls (structure) - AoA #2

Build Infirmary (structure) - AoA #2
Build Library (structure) - AoA #2
Build Training Facility (structure) - AoA #2
Build Workshop (structure) - AoA #2
Upgrade Defenses (structure) - AoA #2

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