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I couldn't find the answers I was looking for, so I was hoping to get a few answers from people in the know:

I'm looking to build quite a few characters, and I've recently come into a stack of players' guides, comics, and the like, and I see that there are options for stuff like new feats, traits, prestige classes, etc. in all of this stuff. I was wondering, are these sources (players' guides and other external sources) legal to draw traits and things from for PFS character building for PF1?

With my luck, the answer is somewhere obvious and I've missed it because I've been looking for it so hard... :)

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Additional Resources

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Additional Resources.

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Apparently typing a period in my post took 14 seconds longer >.>

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Too Funny....

To be more informative, the Additional Resources shows what is legal for Society Play. I don't think much is legal from the comics...

Yeah, I kind of figured the answer was something obvious like that that I was missing.

Thanks, everyone! It's heading to my printer right now so I don't forget again.

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Interesting, wonder how this bodes for ever getting PF2 traction. PF1 forums are quite active


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We haven't played a single PF1 game here in reno for well over a year. Its all PF2 and Starfinder.

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