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Hi guys, going to my first PFS2 organized play next week. I've created a Half-orc Cleric of Erastil for play but I'm struggling with the backstory. Why would a Cleric of Erastil be galavanting with a bunch of pathfinders, especially given Old Deadeye's edicts/anathema?

Edicts: care for your home and family, fulfill your duties, keep the peace, protect the community.

Anathema: abandon your home in its time of need, choose yourself over your community, tarnish your reputation, tell lies.

Open to suggestions/ideas on backstory and how to RP the character, thanks!

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You might want to work with your GM on this one.

One obvious way for your character to work is for there to be some external potential threat to the community that can be dealt with only by someone from the community leaving to face that threat -- and your PC is that somebody. You are not abandoning your home if you leave it to protect it.

Alternatively, maybe the community where you grew up was already destroyed by some force beyond the ability of a 1st level party to deal with. That would render most of your edicts and anathemas irrelevant.

In PFS, you'll be all over the world so your backstory can't be specific to any one type of adventure.

I'd define "home" broadly. As a half-orc, maybe you're struggling to find people who accept you for who you are. Maybe you were the product of illicit love between a human and orc, and your parents were both exiled from their communitie. You're looking for a place to call "home" or you consider the Grand Lodge to be your "home."

You could also define "abandon your home" very narrowly. Maybe your community is facing a large / long-term danger, like a nearby desert expanding and making farming untenable, and you have joined PFS to explore the world to locate arable land your community can move to.

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