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So a bunch of people have gotten hyped about the new double tap feat, so, for fun, I thought it would be good to go through the small arms in the game and look for the best weapons to double tap with (assuming that we aren’t using the concerting fusion or the one that turns projectiles into battery charges).

1-4: Acid canon Micrergate: assuming you have swarm batteries, this thing can double tap 10 times before a reload, does acid damage (which is more rare to resist) and has a decent range.
5-8: Neutriad Pistol: another one with ten shots between reloads, and this one has the Benefit of the force descriptor so you can hurt ghosts with it! Too bad it targets the normally higher KAC
9-12 Acid Canon dinergate: same as earlier, though you only get five double taps with this bad boy.
13-16: Sting Pistol-Wasp: I’m not a fan of the dual kinetic and energy damage type weapons, and it targets the (usually higher) KAC, but it is the only weapon in their that grants more than a couple double taps (namely 5) before reloads.
17+: Sting Pistol, Hornet. Well, at the 17+ tier, the only options are this and the last swarm weapon. This one targets KAC, but has 10 double taps, where as the acid cannon only has 4. Makes up for targeting KAC vs EAC IMHO.

Hail Pistol, Subzero. There are a few options, but the others are either non-lethal, antibiological, or do the same damage for much more money, so the cheap option with 10 double taps takes the win

1-4 Hail Pistol, Subzero. There are a few options, but the others are either non-lethal, antibiological, or do the same damage for much more money, so the cheap option with 10 double taps takes the win
5-8 Zero Pistol, Frostbite: a toss up between this and the next stage of frostbite Pistol, but ultimately this one is cheaper, has the same ammo capacity, targets EAC, and doesn’t split damage types. Worth not doing the extra d6 IMHO
9-12: Zero Pistol, Hailstorm: It’s between this and the Shadow Pistol, and this has way more shots. The others in this level have something that they don’t damage (like undead or constructs)
13-16 Zero Pistol, Blizzard: Again, comes down to the hail or zero pistols, and again, Zero Pistol has more shots and targets EAC
17+ Zero Pistol, Avalanche: Only one of these pistols gives you more than five double taps, and again, it is the Zero Pistol.

1-4 Decoupler, Pusher: Two weapons from the same section, choose the higher level one that gives you 10 double taps.
5-8 Decoupler, Screamer: Only two in this category, and one has double the range and double the ammo capacity.
9-12 Desintigration Pistol, Decimator: . . . There’s only one option.
13-16 Desintigration Pistol, Executer: As Above
17+ Desintigration Pistol, Eradicator: As above

1-4 Scorchgun, Microwave. It is practically the only weapon in this category that is electable AND can hurt robots/undead.
5-8 Radshot, Electromagnetic: Twenty double taps, and the chances of you accidentally irradiating yourself are low if you make sure to wear your armor. All in all quite good.
9-12 Trilaser-Advanced: It’s between this and the dragon Pistol, and this one doesn’t require you to lug around heavy petrol.
13-16 Trilaser-Elite a few options here, but the Trilaser has more dice of lower level (4d10 vs 3d6 from the k-band scorch gun) so that is that translates to more consistent damage, which is what I aim for. Also has a farther distance it shoots.
17+ Radshot, Rapid Decay: all the available guns at this level give you the same number of shots, but the incredible 11d4s lead to a much higher minimum damage and more consistent damage than some of the other weapons. I’ll go with the Radshot.

I’ll see about finishing this list later. Let me know what you guys think and if you disagree, I’d Locke to hear your thoughts.

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1-4: Laser pistol, Azimuth OR Membrane Hold Out pistol: Both get you 10 shots per double tap, both have same range, one is a d4 damage with d4 burn, one is a d6 with a d6 burn but is more expensive, honestly a toss up.
5-8: Laser Pistol, Corona: of the other two in this tier, one is non-lethal (no damage undead/constructs) and one can be integrated into armor but has a much shorter range. Let's stick with the long range one.
9-12: Laser Pistol, Perihelion: Here we have some choices. The Linticular pistol is unweildy, which you think would disqualify you from Double Tap, but doesn't seem to. Still, the latest laser pistol has that 2d4 burn and still 10 double taps a battery.
13-16: Lens Pistol, Electron: While I normally go with a bigger number of dice over larger dice sizes, 5d4 vs. 4d8 is pretty hard to ignore. And, assuming unweildy does NOT prevent double tap, this gun seems to be the best. Does only have 8 double taps vs. 10 though.
17+: Laser Pistol, Zenith: 10 double taps, decent damage, good range. What makes it beat out the Sunglass Lens Pistol is the 10 double taps vs. 5

1-4:Forked Pistol, 6 notch: Man this is a hard one. I ended up going with the lowest damage because it A) gives you 10 double taps, and B) has a better range than most of the others, and C) is cheaper for its d3 compared to the d4 of the Plasma Ring-single valve
5-8: Forked Pistol, 8 notch: Same as before, 10 double taps, best range in the category, though I wouldn't buy it for a d3 to d4 upgrade compared to the 6 notch, personally.
9-12: Plasma Ring, Dual Valve: Only 5 double taps, but that's as good as you get in this tier, has the best range and the best damage. Easy pick.
13-16: Forked Pistol, 9 notch: The ONLY weapon in this tier that gets you more than two double taps at a time. Case closed.
17+: Forked Pistol, 10 Notch: Man, no pistol in this section gives you more than 5 double taps, so it comes down to damage vs. cost. And that 9d4 vs. 3d12 or 4d8 from the others? No contest.

1-4: Semi-Auto Pistol, Tactical: The Injector pistol, Medic is actually SLIGHTLY better, but being 5 times as expensive for one more double tap and 10 ft. better range is not worth it IMHO
5-8: Injector Pistol, Poacher: Now the shoe is on the other foot, 10 double taps instead of 5 from the advanced semi-auto, same damage, same range, and only 1.5x as expensive.
9-12: Semi-Auto Pistol, Elite: 3d6 vs. the 2d10 of the Bombast Hand Cannon, but can double tap six times to the Hand Canon's 4, and has a better range to boot.
13-16: Injector Pistol, Subjugation: Solidly in the middle between the damage range at this tier (4d6 to 8d4, this one is 5d6) and has the highest of the double taps at 11. Also the best range.
17+: Injector Pistol, Elite: 9d6 damage, 11 double taps, best range, what more is there to say?

1-4: Arc Pistol, Static: Old reliable as 90% of my characters end up with this gun. Stun setting (meaning you can set it to kill or not), cheap, best range. Only has 5 double taps, but so does every other lethal gun at this tier.
5-8: Ionizer, Cupric: Only two viable weapons at this tier, and this one has twice as much ammo capacity, 2d4 vs. 1d10 damage, is cheaper, and has only slightly reduced range. Plus it can fit in your armor too, I guess.
9-12: Ionizer, Feric: Same as the previous Ionizer, good damage, lots of ammo capacity, etc.
13-16: Ionizer, Chromic: Man, these Ionizers are workhorses. Ten double taps, consistently good damages, and cheaper than the only thing that remotely challenges it (the Capital Hardcoil)
17+: Ionizer, Stannic: Just, damn good pistols I guess.

1-4: Sonic Pistol, Thunderstrike: Tough call between this weapon's this tier's perforater pistol. 1d8 vs. d4 damage, but 4 times as expensive. The sonic pistol does have double the range though.
5-8: Sonic Suppresor, Whisper: Best range, ten double taps, 2d4 damage, it all adds up.
9-12: Sonic Supressor, Hush: Same as before.
13-16: Sonic Pistol, HFD: No good ammo capacities here, and while the Banshee Sonic pistol technically does 1d8 more damage, it has the same stats otherwise (for the most part) and is nearly 3 times as expensive.
17+:Resonant Pistol, matrix: SUPER tough call between this one and the Sonic Supressor of this tier. Mostly the same stats, and it comes down to 4d8 vs. 5d6. And when the dice count is that close, I generally go for more dice for the more consistent damage. The 5d10 for the Perforator Pistol, Phased isn't even tempting what with its TWO double taps you get out of it.

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