Underground Chemist and Extra Discovery feat

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At level 10 the Underground Chemist gains "Discovery su" similar to a level 2 Alchemist. I am wondering if a level 10 Underground Chemist would qualify for the Extra Discovery feat?

Extra Discovery feat's requirement is "Discovery class feature", now both a level 2 Alchemist and level 10 Underground Chemist gain "Discovery su" however I am unsure if what the Underground Chemist gains is a class feature or more of an archetype feature?

You could use the "Extra Rogue Talent" feat to pick up a discovery from your list, so there's not much difference.

If you're asking "can I take extra discovery to get discoveries that aren't on my list?" then the answer is no.

It is a class feature and you could use the feat or Extra Rogue Talent to pick up one from the list for sure.

As to taking ones off the list I would check with your GM most likely the answer would be no but it might not be.

I'd also agree extra discoveries would draw from whatever list of discoveries given to a class, and no more. But can you use a feat to do it? Sure.

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