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Hey all!

Looking at picking up some of the flip mats and map packs in PDF, but I just have one question - how well do they print out on paper? Do the native pdf settings print them out at the right size, or is adjustment necessary?

Also, has anyone come up with any cunning methods of printing them on something more robust?

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You will need access to a Large Format printer to print them at size. (Note: This can get very expensive)

In Acrobat there is a poster printing option which will break it down into Letter size sheets you can print on a regular home printer / copy machine, than you can manually tape them together.

As far as paper, standard copy paper should work fine, but as allays a nice stock will look better and be more efficient for multiple uses.

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They print really well. I'll second the endorsement of "Poster" print mode in Acrobat Reader. I don't feel the savings is worth it over the physical flip-mats, but when I need an out of print map it works well. I use regular printer paper, but I do prefer quality 24 lb stock over 20 lb. It still folds well but feels and lays a bit better. Use a straight-edge and razor/boxcutter/exacto knife to trim the white edges before taping. Take your time and people will think you own a big plotter. :-)

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