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Sudden Shift (Ex)

As a reaction, whenever you or an ally deal damage to an opponent within 60 feet of you, you and all allies within 60 feet of the opponent can take a guarded step as a reaction. All of the characters who took a guarded step using this improvisation have their speed reduced by 5 feet until the end of their next turn.

So I love this new ability for Envoys. It's got some great potential for a lot of good positioning shenanigans and can be extremely useful for getting out of sticky situations.

However, if you spend your reaction to activate the ability, you no longer have your reaction to "Take a guarded step as a reaction".

Is this intentional? Feels kind of awkward to include the envoy themselves as being granted the ability to move as well when they only way they could actually use it is if they were part Vanguard.

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If you have enough reactions to do that, you probably have access to a,,, Time Warp...

Just an crit to the beast,
And a Sudden Shift to the right...
With your hands on your guns
You bring your party in tight
But it's the Mind Thrust
That really drives you insaaaaaaane
Let's do the Time Warp again!

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