Trying to recreate the feel of a Rage Prophet

Oracle Playtest

I've been trying and it just isn't working. Everything keeps falling short. I know not all the Mysteries and Curses and all that jazz is out yet, but it's initially disheartening.

2 of my favorite builds for Oracle in P1 was Rage Prophet, and small character backpacking healing/buffing large fighter type. None of those seem to be viable with what we have so far.

Well the issue with the rage prophet concept,as far as I can tell, actually has very little to do with the Oracle right now and everything to do with rage not allowing most spell casting. And we are talking about a pretty specialized prestige class here; I'm not sure it is a fair expectation for it to work with our limited content. I fully expect to get more support for casting while raging, what with the Skalds and Bloodragers.

Even with those limitations, I don't think it's actually much worse off than PF1, as you can use somatic only spells without issue. That includes the one action Heal, which was something you needed a special prestige class feature for in PF1, and a lot of focus spells. Moment of Clarity has a higher action cost but can be used more than once per fight without silly rage cycling shenanigans.

As for your second concept, I'm not completely sure I understand it, but it sure sounds like an alchemist pulling buffs and healing elixirs out of their backpack. If you're talking a full blown Master Blaster thing, small characters only cost 3 bulk with gear when carried. That seems pretty easy to accommodate.

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I think some of the more specialized oracle archetypes from P1 are going to require some additional support to fully recreate in P2. I know that support isn't in this playtest, but we've got an eye on that intersection of Rage and spellcasting—so it's not off the table.

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