Champion Blade Ally question


Just getting started with 2e and based on group dynamics I chose the Champion because of various reasons. These forums have been a treasure trove for answering many of my random questions on the class. However, I have run in to a hitch when looking at the divine ally class feature, namely with the Blade Ally.

I assume my ally can reside in a weapon without a weapon potency rune (not magic) and still get the effect of a property rune. Logically I would see this carrying over to weapons with potency/max property runes by giving them an "extra" effect. For example a +1 holy widget (1 potency & 1 property) could house your ally and give the weapon a second ability such as ghost touch.

If this is the case, how does an extra property effect above other classes stack up to boosting a shield with extra hardness/HP and all of the potential feats to go with it?

I apologize if this was covered somewhere else in the forum. If it has, I would appreciate a point to the correct forum/post. Thanks!

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