Mythich shapeshift feat, trying to find.

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I recall a mythic feat that allows a shapeshifter to alter their alterate forms e.g. a kitsune could be a caucasian instead of asian and I think including I think age but I can't find it. Anyone know where I'd find it?

The closest thing I'm aware of is the feat Realistic Likeness (which isn't a mythic feat), it allows a kitsune to mimic other humans. Which would let you be caucasian instead of asian, as well as appear to be a different age. You just have to find a human that looks like what you want to look like.

While it gives you a bonus on disguise checks, there's nothing that says you have to actually pretend to be that person.

"What me? No I'm not Dave, I'm Sam. People keep confusing me for Dave and I just don't see it. To be honest it's kind of annoying."

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