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The distance in time from the modern day and the chaos of the era mean you don’t need to worry about impacting canon, and it checks a new genre (post-apocalyptic) off the board. Any takers?

Coming back to this when it isn’t 1am and I’m not slightly delirious: I actually kind of adore this still! You get an interesting mix of post-apocalyptic and something like a Bronze Age tech level. It also shakes the default assumptions in a neat way: no wizardly magic if Jatembe isn’t around yet, no dwarves or orcs, the elves likely remember Azlant and the non-Sovyrian guardians would be neat to see culturally.

If you need a plot anchor for this, the fall of the Nidalese horselords to darkness would be fascinating to see on the ground level. Maybe even make a beloved NPC or PC one of the Black Triune?

I like the idea of adventures set in Golarion's past quite a bit, though I'm not sure I'd prefer them to be APs specifically. At least, not one entirely set in Golarion's past. I'd really like to see an adventure where the PCs stumble upon accidental methods of time travel to past events, learn about (or even cause) events to transpire, and then find their way back home to deal with ramifications. For instance, books 1-2 they are researching an ancient ruin and discover it was created to contain an ancient evil, books 3-4 they stumble back in time and have to actually help seal said evil away, book 5 they have to get back, book 6 their time travel screwed up the wards and now they have to actually face what they tried to lock away.

If the adventure is entirely in Golarion's past I think that would be pretty cool too, but I would prefer to play a single adventure and not an entire adventure path like that personally.

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Yeah, a hardcover adventure like The Dead God's Hand might be better for this idea than a full AP. I like it!

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A few years back, between two of the early books in Rise of the Runelords, I ran an adventure set immediately before Earthfall as a way of giving my still relatively-new players a little more of the lore of Golarion. It was set up as a vision of the past experienced by the ROTRL characters, with each player switching to a level 10 character I prepared for them. The party was: a pair of elf siblings (older sister was a demon-hunting storm druid, younger brother was sorcerer), an Azlanti paladin of Erastil, and a halfling ninja. I built the sorcerer and druid to use Words of Power (Ultimate Magic) to add an ancient flavor to the magic they used.

The main plot was that the elf siblings had been summoned home but didn't know why, and had been taking their time adventuring with their friends. The vision began with the party in the midst of a fight against a demon who, on the verge of defeat, taunted the PCs with fairly explicit hints about what that new light in the sky was likely to mean for mortals on Golarion. Realizing that the summons to Kyonin must be related to the impending Earthfall, the party raced across Avistan, having encounters and learning a bit about the pre-Earthfall world, but the elf siblings (of course) missed the exodus of their kin by thatmuch.

The party made their way through the elven nation, surprised at the lack of interference -- the two non-elves should have prompted challenges from guards at any number of points. Instead, they made their way to the capital, Iadara, unopposed. There, in the empty streets, they realized that the elves had abandoned Kyonin. The PCs soon discovered that the city was not entirely unpopulated -- a scouting party of giants had gotten to Iadara just before them, in preparation for a planned invasion by a Runelord's army during the elves' absence.

The BBEG was a Thassalonian wizard, one of Karzoug's minions and the leader of the scouting party. The boss fight was in the streets and main temple of Iadara; the PCs were aided by a squad of elven rangers who had volunteered to remain behind to maintain the elves' portal to/from Sovyrian and preserve what they could of their once-mighty nation. The vision ended shortly after the successful battle on what was the day before Earthfall, and the present-day party never learned whether the people they had seen in their vision had survived the calamity.

It was fun to write and I think my players had a good time, but it would be tough to make it an entire AP because so much of the setting at that time has never been developed.

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