Best ways to use the Alchemist ability Anointing Uses


So I came across this alchemist ability called Anointing Uses. It allows the alchemist to increase the Caster Level of a magic item by his/her Intelligence modifier. It seems to me that you could get some really cool effects from doing this for bargain prices.

The one I can think of at the top of my head is the Quarterstaff of Entwined Serpents. If you have at least 22 intelligence, you can bring the CL to Level 9, and get to cast fully leveled magic missiles every round essentially. Not a major deal, but not bad either.

Also all wands, and necklace of Fireballs...

Has anyone else come across a great item to use it with?

Sovereign Court

Annoitings wrote:

Alchemists can choose any of the following anointings in place of a normal discovery. An alchemist can use any of the anointings he knows a total number of times per day equal to 3 + his alchemist level. Unless an anointing specifies otherwise, all anointings require a standard action to apply (this provokes attacks of opportunity) and last for 1 minute per alchemist level...

Eldritch Enhancement (Arcane Anthology pg. 23): The alchemist douses a weapon, shield, or suit of armor with a glowing green wash. The caster level of any of the item’s magical properties increases by the alchemist’s Intelligence modifier for the purposes of effects, including calculations based on level, overcoming spell resistance, or being dispelled.

No wands, or necklace of fireballs. Armor/Shield/Weapons only.

Scepter of Heaven (with the Crown of Heaven equipped as well), for a Holy Word of CL 15+Int. The higher the CL in relation to the target the better the effects.

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