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I'm playing a Buckler Duelist fighter (more commonly known in PFS as a Rondelero fighter), and I have a question:

I have the Duelist feat and am considering the chain of feats that leads to Shield Charge, which Requires Shield Focus. Do the bonuses from Duelist and Shield focus overlap, or do they interact with each other?

You trained at an elite fighting school and are skilled at fighting with the falcata and buckler.

Prerequisite: Dex 13, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (falcata), Shield Proficiency (buckler), Weapon Focus (falcata).

Benefit: When fighting with the falcata and buckler, your shield bonus to AC increases by +1 and you gain a +2 bonus on Acrobatics checks.

Shield Focus:
You are skilled at deflecting blows with your shield.

Prerequisites: Shield Proficiency, base attack bonus +1.

Benefit: Increase the AC bonus granted by any shield you are using by 1.


Thanks for any help in advance!

*casts raise thread* So I just wanted to clarify something from the ruling from the FAQ:

You get ranks hard-coded into the headband for each skill per +2. Does that mean that if I start a character at 5th level with a +2 headband, I only ever get 5 ranks from it, and have to invest 6+ to raise the amount higher, or does it scale with me past the level I bought/acquired it?

Also, do I get 1 extra point/rank from 6th onwards if I have the headband at 5th, or do I not get new extra ranks?


*raise thread*
Just want to point out since I have now by count seen this four times: You do *N O T* have to pay 150 for masterwork "Adamantine is so costly that the price for masterwork is included in the prices given below". Thanks otherwise for the head's-up!

*casts raise thread*

Just wanted to point out a Religious trait that's handy for this: Veteran of Battle: You can draw a weapon for free during a surprise round, and if you have two-weapon fighting, you can draw both weapons as the same action.

Was building a Rondalero fighter (buckler duelist) archetype fighter, and given how it does a lot with bucklers I was wondering if there's a feat or specific ability one could get that allows you to ignore the restriction on shield spikes regarding bucklers?


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Great blog - this gets me excited to try out the new stuff again! One little nit-pick, and apologies if this has already been mentioned: you put the text for Mountain Stance twice under the title for Wolf stance. I use a screen-reader, so this might be visually not the case; thought you would like to know.

Look forward to making Alithyra again, my independent star-metal forging beast totem barbarian from Numeria!

Lau Bannenberg wrote:
The oracle curses in this book are legal for play except ghoul, plagued, and promethean.

Looks like it's allowed.

Seems rather redundant to take that revelation if you have that curse.

Yeah - that's why I was pondering this interaction; I honestly thought one overrode the other...?

Oh, and thanks for the help with the Additional Resources; I had apparently mis-remembered the entry you quoted as I recalled Ghoul being off the table. :D

I'm building an Oracle for a module as a backup character, and I am a little confused about something I found on Archive of Nethys:

Lich (Horror Realms pg. 14): Every living spellcaster hides a secret in their flesh—a unique, personalized set of conditions that, when all are fulfilled in the correct order, can trigger the transformation into a lich. Normally, one must expend years and tens of thousands of gold pieces to research this deeply personalized method of attaining immortality. Yet, in a rare few cases, chance and ill fortune can conspire against an unsuspecting spellcaster. You have unknowingly) fulfilled most (but not all) of the ritualistic components to achieve lichdom. You have yet to turn into an undead creature, but you are close. You take damage from positive energy and heal from negative energy as if you were undead. At 5th level, add control undead to your list of 2nd-level oracle spells known. At 10th level, add undead anatomy IUM to your list of 3rd-level oracle spells known and undead anatomy IIUM to your list of 5th-level oracle spells known. At 15th level, you are immune to death effects.


First off, is this really legal to take? I thought the Additional Resources had banned this curse?
Secondly, how does this curse's base effect interact with the Resist Life Revellation from the Bones Mystery?

Resist Life (Su): You are treated as an undead creature when you are targeted by positive or negative energy. You are not subject to Turn Undead or Command Undead (or any other effect that specifically targets undead), unless you are actually an undead creature. At 7th level, you receive channel resistance +2. This bonus increases by +2 at 11th and 15th level.


Thanks for any assistance you can give!

As far as I can tell, body bludgeon and hurling could work, though you would need the Two-handed Throw feat to start:

Two-handed Thrower (Combat):
Two-Handed Thrower (Combat)

You hurl weapons with both hands and with great force, sometimes using a whirling technique to send your weapon flying through the air at tremendous speeds.

Prerequisite: Str 15.

Benefit: Whenever you use two hands to throw a one-handed or two-handed weapon, you gain a bonus on damage rolls equal to 1-1/2 times your Strength bonus. Using two hands to throw any weapon requires only a standard action for you. If you also have the Quick Draw feat, you can throw two-handed weapons at your full normal rate of attacks.


So maybe also quick draw to take advantage of all your iterative attacks? Also, just a quick head's-up about Catch off-guard; it works for melee only. Kinda surprised me the few times I tried to use it. I only point this out because you have it listed as one of three feats, which suggests you're using it with the thrown attack Hurling gives you.

Ah, nuts. Thought those might be the case, but never hurts to verify. *shrug* *sigh*

I'm re-creating a PFS character I really enjoyed the hell out of playing only to die hopelessly in a 3-7 mission ... *sigh*.

Was looking at the notepad file containing her stats and realized I have a lot of nice stuff on her sheet, and was wondering what happened to it after she died? Didn't have enough for a recovery team as I had to help the party recover from a TPK the last two scenarios in a row and was down to 2 Prestige.


Oh, and before I forget, she didn't have enough to Raise without selling stuff, and didn't know you could do that until about 24 hours ago and she died late last year. *sniffs*.

This is going to be lengthy, so apologies in advance:

I built a psychic out of curiosity, and enjoyed it to some extent, but found the direction I want to go in is more complimented by the Psychic Detective Investigator archetype. Unfortunately this character is already level 2, so I can't just un-do some things, and besides it wouldn't be completely gimped in both directions, just the one I'm less interested in.

My problem comes when I put in my level of PsD as I would now have both a pool of Inspiration (I took the Amateur Investigator archetype, so no prob there) and two pools of Frenic points. Which do I draw on?

Also, the Psychic Detective says:

"Spell Casting
A psychic detective casts psychic spells drawn from the psychic class spell list and augmented by a select set of additional spells (see Psychic Detective Spells). Only spells from the psychic class spell list of 6th level or lower and psychic detective spells are considered to be part of the psychic detective’s spell list. If a spell appears on both the psychic detective and psychic class spell lists, the psychic detective uses the spell level from the psychic detective spell list. She can cast any spell she knows without preparing it ahead of time. To learn or cast a spell, a psychic detective must have an Intelligence score equal to at least 10 + the spell’s level. The saving throw DC against a psychic detective’s spell is 10 + the spell’s level + the psychic detective’s Intelligence modifier.
Like other spellcasters, a psychic detective can cast only a certain number of spells of each spell level per day. She knows the same number of spells and receives the same number of spells slots per day as a bard of her investigator level, and knows and uses 0-level knacks as a bard uses cantrips. In addition, she receives bonus spells per day if she has a high Intelligence score.
At 5th level and every 3 levels thereafter, a psychic detective can choose to learn a new spell in place of one she already knows, using the same rules as a bard.
In effect, the psychic detective loses the old spell in exchange for the new one. The new spell’s level must be the same as that of the spell being exchanged, and it must be at least 1 level lower than the highest-level spell the psychic detective can cast.
A psychic detective need not prepare her spells in advance. She can cast any psychic detective spell she knows at any time, assuming she has not yet used up her allotment of spells per day for the spell’s level.

I already draw spells from the Psychic spell list as this character would be Psychic 2/Psychic Detective 1. Do I use both spell lists, only the bard list as directed above, or do I now have effectively two pools of spell slots , one with slight more than the other, with one drawing from the Bard list and one drawing from the Psychic list?

Thanks all for the help, and apologies/digital meds for the migraines some of you may get!

*casts raise thread*

Quick related question:

Does the RAW for Expert Acrobat also mean you don't suffer encumberance penalties? I have an Unchained Acrobat I'm making, and just realized my armor puts me over my light load by 3 lbs.


Hi, I need a bit of help for my Bones Oracle:

I have Resist Life, and I am trying to figure out if bleed effects are considered "negative energy" when used with the Bleeding Wounds Revellation:

(Bones page from D20pfsrd: https://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/base-classes/oracle/mysteries/paizo-oracle -mysteries/bones/)

Resist Life: (SU) You are considered Undead for the purposes of channeled energy. At 7th you gain Channel Resistance +2 and at 11th this increases to +4. You are not actually Undead unless you are a creature that is actually Undead.

Bleeding Wounds (SU): You cause grievous wounds to open on your enemey, causing them to bleed 1 HP per round. This can be prevented with a Heal check DC 15. The bleed damage increases to 2 at 5th, and again at every 5 levels.


So what I'm wondering is, when I hit 10th and can get Inflict Mass, would the bleed effect from Bleeding Wounds grant me effectively Fast Healing 2+ as it's tied to the Inflict spell?

Thanks much!

So far the simplest solution I've heard to this comes from a venture captain for PFS - won't name them to be safe:

"There should be three tiers of resonance use for magic items. Firstly items have a "free" cost, which is always either 'on' or just available, as a low level effect. Take a Cure Light wand. The first 'always on' effect is cast a stabilize spell all the live long day. Then you invest a resonance point and get a stronger effect. Using the same wand, investing a single resonance point gets you a cure light wounds, of 1d8+1. Then the third tier would be after you invest the first resonance point, you can spend extra to get a heightened effect. Using the same wand, putting the second resonance point in might get you a Cure Moderate spell, 2d8+3."

I like this because it's as simple as most of the effects the devs are shooting for, while not hurting people who want to play a healer of sorts.

About the only problem I have personally with resonance in general is that it's tied to your charisma stat. Why should characters that I plan to play who would normally *NEVER* be that charismatic for RP purposes suddenly have to become the Capn Jack Sparrow or Mr. Rip Lampjaw ala Space Mutiny from Mystery Science Theater 3000? And yes, I realize that's not his name, but I can never remember actor's names unless I've seen them in enough movies to have their own franchise, and even then it's not guaranteed.


Yes - can't figure out which of the magic items, runes or special materials are which levels. HELP, please!

Honestly, no matter how you set up the game, munchkin maxers are going to find ways to break the system directly in twain. Trying to remove perks purely to smack down said munchkins kinda hurts the rest of the community. In this case, it penalizes newbies as there's not as much incentive for them to try out PFS unless they've been playing regular pathfinder or D&D edition of choice for a while. One of the regulars in the group I play with only recently put together an actual built character; they'd been playing Iconics since level 1, and the group's now consistently flirting with the 6-7 tier. Forcing newbies to spend however many hours to build their own character only to have it nearly die during the very first session or two is going to chase people out of Society play.

I'm not sure if I cheated or not as I have to use a screenreader to read the PDFs; that being said, I had a lvl 1 druid who was a decent enough healer as my level 1 slots were two "Heal spell"s. I only once exhausted the options, and that was in *SPOILERS* the sewers fighting kobolds. What was the composition of your party, Xeonsghost?

I must have blanked out the bit about the damage dump for the sake of my sanity... barbarians always were the stone cannons of whatever edition prior to this: they hit hard, can take a few hits more than the average guy, but at risk of eventually getting in WAAAAYY over their heads.

That lack of hitting is quite horrifying... paizo, please address this post-haste!

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So in Pathfinder 2, you can only use your animal companion on a turn you want to access their abilities? (action 1, handle animal, action 2 command animal, action 3 animal companion gets their 2 actions)

This completely breaks the spirit of what they're trying to do - why else would "work together" abilities be present if you can't do anything youself on a turn you want to use the animal companion to do something in combat?!

Sooo what level would a basic mithral chain shirt be considered to be level-wise? Could a 5th level character get a mithral chain shirt, or would they have to wait until say 10th?

After reading the first thoughts of others on this class, I lost the love for what was probably my go-to non-spellcaster class for PF1: the barbarian.

Here's why:

Fast movement tied to rage: why? makes no sense

Rage: Arbitrary limits on use of the Rage, despite *EVERYTHING* requiring you to be actively in Rage. Sooo you get to use your features for exactly 3 rounds. Wait 1 round minimum to use again... *blinks rapidly*....

Rage powers nerfed from PF1 or add measures that are overly complicated:
Why's everything a totem?
Dragon Totem Breath is once per hour... how is a "feat" attack so brokenly strong that it has to wait every hundred rounds to be used?! Even "save or die" spells from PF1 weren't that gated, and they were level 6+ spells.

So enough of my ranting about problems, here's a few fixes:

Fast Movement: Remove the "rage" wording. Or better yet: "You are filled with a zeal for battle or a deep passion for life. As such, you naturally run faster. Increase your movement speed by 10 feet." If this is too much of a power for level 1-4, make it a level 4+ feat.

If your goal is to blatantly avoid the "x uses per day", no matter one's opinion on the logic of such, then here's a quick fix:
Your rage lasts for 1 minute, or until you fall unconscious. You can end the rage early, but doing so imposes -1 penalty Strength, Dexterity and Constitution checks. This penalty is untyped."

However, if you are keeping a number of "rounds", here's a quick easy fix:
Replace the 3 rounds line of text with "You are considered to be proficient in the use of your rage, as someone who is trained in the use of martial skills. As such, your duration is equal to double your proficiency plus your constitution modifier. At third level, this proficiency increases to Expert, and again to Master at 7th. At 11th, you are Legendary in the use of rage." This would mean at 1st level, , using the Human Fighter block of starting stats from page 16-19, you would be able to rage for 5 rounds (1*2 = 2 + 3 = 5), and you would get 2 additional rounds at 2nd level. At 3rd, you would go to "Expert", and thus go up to 11 (LVL 3 + 1 Expert = 4, 4*2 = 8, 8+3 = 11). Again you would add 2 rounds until 7th, wherein the total would be "Master" level, so 21, unless you bumped the Con score to 18, which would then make your rages 22. Add 2 more rounds each level until 11th, where you would hit the cap in proficiency bumps to this total, although you could add to your con score if you wanted. Thus 11th would net you a total of 28 plus your con of 18 or 19 to total out for 32 rounds. Finally at 20th and assuming you kept adding to your con, you would have 22 CON or +6 to equal out for 52 rounds.

I'm sure the wording could be made a bit easier, but this would give you enough rounds to comfortably get through the encounter without being "in time out" without being knocked unconscious. Fatigue would probably still play a role in that if you got KO'd you'd have to wait a round or so, but there you go.

Oh, and for Dragon Totem Breath:

Replace frequency with "Once per combat" or if that's too much like 4e for others, then you could probably get away with "once per 3 rounds" or "once per 1D4 rounds" as in PF1.

If this seems cumbersome, then by all means tell me how this would work better - I am wanting to play a Barbarian again, but not how the playtest as written currently works.

Good night and good luck!

Why did Paizo remove the "Hurler" series of "rage powers" when making their "totem feats"? That was a fun and awesome series of abilities.

Also, why is rage only for 3 freaking rounds?! I understand the whole "people can't handle x uses per day, so we're removing it" view, despite its lack of logic. That being said, if you were going to give a fixed number, why only freaking 3 rounds?! Why not just emulate 5th and give the barbarian 10 rounds, or five if you don't want to emulate 5th? It seems so arbitrary, not to mention kind of hurting the class as it's kind of required to make any of the class feats work.

Oh, and that reminds me - speaking of rage powering all the class feats, why does Fast Movement require rage to work?!

So let me get this straight. Rogues, which depending on their background have never lived a day in the deep of wilderness, and rangers, who have to lern to be at one with nature get perception bonuses, but the FRIGGING druid, who is supposed to be NATURE PERSONIFIED gets shafted out of a bonus without taking feats?!!! Why the feat tax? More importantly, why don't druids get this feature if PAIZO is so in love with perception *NOT* being a skill?

Posting here as per the suggested rules for Paizo staff noticing:

Okay, now that I've gotten used to the book a little more, I can definitely say this structure needs overhauling; specifically if you are going to reference something that is *INTEGRAL* to building core tenants of the character, *YOU* need to put a reference to the CORRECT page, not "check this page for more info" and find out it only obliquely references said item in passing as part of something else. Specifically the rule for spell DC. On page 78 in the entry for Druid, under the "Spells" side-bar, it says "clook on page 290 for more about spell DCs". AAaaand when I go to page 290, the only thing I find is a passing reference to spell DCs when talking about touch AC vs. regular AC. I had to search the whole PDF yet again, and lo and behold the information I needed was much further down on page 364, under the appendecies.... And even then I had to look under "Spell rolls" as the entry only says literally "See spell rolls".... #SMH violently! I should not have to take a full week to build a character from scratch because I have to keep bouncing back and forth to understand properties of various basic class features. I also should not have to figure out something by asking *REPEATEDLY* on the forums, the Facebook group, and random folks on Youtube to get the information! I had to ask five different people on three different sites to properly understand the stat blocks for each animal companion are the *MODIFIERS*, not the scores! It's very badly worded. Could you not instead list the scores like the old version? It might not be relevant any more from a "here's what you need" perspective due to the whole "proficiency system" bit, but it's WAAAYY too easy to misunderstand, and it's going to put other folks off wanting to use them.

*deep breath* Thank you Paizo staff for taking the time to read my collective ranting here, but it is infinitely frustrating as someone who's played pathfinder, D&D 4th/5th editions as well as other systems altogether to not be able to whip together a character in a day or two.... Good night and good luck.

Shinigami02 wrote:
Flames of Chaos wrote:

Despite every effort to the contrary, my efforts to make a druid for PFS for this coming wed have taken me almost a full week and I'm still not done.

I say this to frame my complaint here fully as between the time I started making the character and now the rulebook was updated TWICE:

Why on Golarion are Druids losing a skill rank?! They're already being forced to dedicate additional ranks more than others as their order throws additional "signature skills" at them, yet now I'm supposed to go with 3 plus int mod rather than 4 + int mod?!

Please explain the reasoning behind this.

As someone who just made a Druid recently, I have an answer for this. A basic design philosophy so far seems to be that a character with 10 Int will at level 1 have a number of trained skills equal to their number of signature skills (not counting Lore and Background's interaction). Druids have 3 signature skills for being a Druid, +1 from their Order, and 4+Int Trained Skills. But then part of the Order also involves getting the Order's Signature Skill as Trained. As a result they effectively had 5+Int Trained Skills, and 4 Signature Skills, which violated the design philosophy. There were two ways they could have handled this, either decrease the number of chosen trained skills, or take away the auto-trained from Order. They decided the former.

Where does it say the Druidic order sig skill is auto-trained? So far as I knew you *HAD* to blow a skill rank to get a signature skill as "trained".

---EDIT: Whoops, looked under the orders... maybe they need to put something in the Druid main character entry that says "as trained" or something to signify that.

I can sort of buy that reasoning now, although it still seems annoying to deal with. *sigh*.

Despite every effort to the contrary, my efforts to make a druid for PFS for this coming wed have taken me almost a full week and I'm still not done.

I say this to frame my complaint here fully as between the time I started making the character and now the rulebook was updated TWICE:

Why on Golarion are Druids losing a skill rank?! They're already being forced to dedicate additional ranks more than others as their order throws additional "signature skills" at them, yet now I'm supposed to go with 3 plus int mod rather than 4 + int mod?!

Please explain the reasoning behind this.

theservantsllcleanitup wrote:
4. Admittedly I hadn't fully noticed that the armor check penalty applied to con checks... but at the same time there are no con based skills and I'm struggling to think of any other con checks you are likely to come across, though my knowledge is far from encyclopedic

If that's the case, then why bother to include that penalty? It adds confusion as the first check to come to mind is "death saving throws". Admittedly I haven't looked at that yet, but it's the one check more than any other that I know of that usually involves constitution.

I know in PF 1.0 you had to make con checks for holding your breath or for your fort saves vs. poison. Would this penalty apply to fort saves? Also what about fatigue for forced marches or similar "endurance" checks?

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Okay, this might be because I'm using a screenreader, so I will understand if I'm in the minority here. That being said, this needs to be said:

1. Pagination, people, pagination! The PDF is structured so loosely Adobe refuses outright to shift pages when I engage the "go to page" command.
2. Why on earth do I need to search random semi-related sections to find related information? I am trying for the fourth day now to put together a level 1 character and I keep having to flip back and forth between the "Skills" chapter vs. the "introduction" chapter to find very basic information.

Example? The skills have been replaced with a "proficiency" modifier based on what "category" of skill you have. Yet after searching page after page in the skill section, I had to revert to a full PDF search to find that in page freaking 8 the modifier was simply character level plus category - meaning Trained is level +1, Master is +2, so on and so forth. I don't understand why it couldn't have been included RIGHT at the beginning of the skills chapter under the explanation of the categories of skill mastery.

3. Why is Perception not listed as a skill under the skills section? I understand - if barely - why this is the new initiative stat, but it's only addressed under the combat section. This seems quite confusing, especially since the "Character construction" schema goes out of its way to mention Perception and its importance, but not how to calculate it.

4. Why on Golarion does Armor check penalty apply to Con checks? It *NEVER* did in PF 1.0. I don't even understand from a lore/flavor perspective why this decision; armor would be tiring to wear all the time until you bulked up and got used to wearing it, so if you are trying for "fatigue due to unfamiliarity" as a flavor approach, can't there be a better approach? I'm not sure what as each idea I've been thinking of sound awful - fatigue the first few rounds of combat equal to penalty or half con mod or something... *sigh*. It just seems unnecessary as you're already penalizing strength and dex for this armor "drag".

5. This last point is more of a general question due to coming slightly late to PF 1.0 - I started playing it in 2007, so much of the expansions were out for years: why do the core races consist of less races than PF 1.0? I'm particularly confused as to why no half-orcs or half-elves. Were they additions to the core in a later expansion of some sort, and that's why they aren't included in this?

These are just my initial thoughts; hopefully these glitches will be addressed or work themselves out somehow.

OH YEAAAAH.... *forehead desk*

Forgot about slow track. Thanks for the help, though.

I was wondering how the level sets for a given scenario on a multi-part scenario interact with a character that is potentially going to level above the top tier in that scenario?

I'm going to be playing an old two-parter - I forget the name, but it's a bloodcove scenario - that is tiered 1-7. At least one of my regulars I'm playing with has a level 6 that's about to hit level 7 if they aren't already and I'm forgetting. . If they play a different scenario before this two parter and would hit 8th at the end of part 1, what happens?


I've run a session so far of PFS at my local game store, and enjoyed it; I am contemplating doing it at Carnage Royale's convention in Killington but am uncertain what would be a good first time out in such a setting. I wanted to run "We Be Goblins" but have been informed it's likely to be offered by enough other DMs I wouldn't get a table up and running. Any suggestions?

*casts raise thread* I hope this is relevant: I have a psychic character I'm playing, and I picked up amateur investigator as I forgot multi-classing is an option. I want to corss into "psychic detective" from the investigator archetypes when I level up. Do I combine the frenic pools from the archetype and the psychic, or do I have two separate pools of points? Do I also lose "Detect Thoughts" even though it's going to be Psychic 2/Psychic Detective 1?

*SIGH*. Where does it list Life channel as a Dampir spell? Yes, this is a PFS character. Thanks!

So I've been playing a Bones Oracle now for several levels, and I took Resist Life around level 4. I just hit 6th level and have a 2nd level or lower spell I can take thanks to my favored class bonus. I want to take Life Channel as we have a cleric of Serenrae in the party who has had to rearrange her spell list significantly to make sure I can heal my oracle.

Can I use the Life Channel spell with "Resist Life"? The spell says:

"When cast on a creature with negative energy affinity, the target is able to convert channeled positive energy into temporary hit points. When subject to an effect that heals hit points only to living creatures (such as cure light wounds or channel positive energy), the target gains a number of temporary hit points equal to half the number of hit points that the positive energy would normally heal. These temporary hit points go away at the end of this spell’s duration.

Negative energy affinity:
"Negative Energy Affinity (Ex) The creature is alive but is healed by negative energy and harmed by positive energy, as if it were an undead creature. Format negative energy affinity; Location Defensive Abilities"

Resist Life says:

"Resist Life (Su): You are treated as an undead creature when you are targeted by positive or negative energy. You are not subject to Turn Undead or Command Undead (or any other effect that specifically targets undead), unless you are actually an undead creature. At 7th level, you receive channel resistance +2. This bonus increases by +2 at 11th and 15th level.

Any help with this would be very appreciated!

Nefreet wrote:
Flames of Chaos wrote:
Unfortunately my DM has yet to be able to let me do so - not because he doesn't want to, but because the flippin module literally gives no indication of what the NPC in life would have said/done.

We can't speak to your GM's responses, since we weren't there and don't know the details, but speak with dead and your Oracle Revelation are both legal. As with any character option, it might not always be useful.

It sounds to me that the two possibilities are:
1) you've had bad luck during a small sample size of scenarios, or
2) the GM didn't know the background or lore thoroughly enough to give you an adequate response.

I would probably lean more towards #1 myself. Some scenarios go so far as to even specifically provide answers to speak with dead, so it does come up occasionally.

It may be that I've just gotten a sucky case of scenarios due to sample size; I'm not sure. The first time I tried it was on an Aspice Consortium-hired mook we as a party just killed. The response from the DM didn't say "don't know", they said "there's no info for me to give you from the scenario." He's a 5-star venture captain, so he's been playing some time. Maybe I just need to be playing the right scenario, but that seems like poor planning from a scenario situation if you can only use the stuff so often.

I don't know where else to post this, so here goes:

I've been playing an Oracle with the Bones mystery since level 1, and upon hitting level 3 I took "Voice of the Grave" as my character is a devout follower of Pharasma and didn't want to take "Undead Servitude" or "Animate Dead". I have now played for 4 sessions with this character since hitting level 3, and in several places where following the RAW for "Voice of the Grave"/"Speak with Dead", I should in theory have been able to ask a question or two of a fallen NPC/enemy.

Unfortunately my DM has yet to be able to let me do so - not because he doesn't want to, but because the flippin module literally gives no indication of what the NPC in life would have said/done.

Speadk with Dead:
School necromancy [language-dependent]; Level cleric 3

Casting Time 10 minutes

Components V, S, DF

Range 10 ft.

Target one dead creature

Duration 1 min./level

Saving Throw Will negates; see text; Spell Resistance no

You grant the semblance of life to a corpse, allowing it to answer questions. You may ask one question per two caster levels. The corpse's knowledge is limited to what it knew during life, including the languages it spoke. Answers are brief, cryptic, or repetitive, especially if the creature would have opposed you in life.

If the dead creature's alignment was different from yours, the corpse gets a Will save to resist the spell as if it were alive. If successful, the corpse can refuse to answer your questions or attempt to deceive you, using Bluff. The soul can only speak about what it knew in life. It cannot answer any questions that pertain to events that occurred after its death.

If the corpse has been subject to speak with dead within the past week, the new spell fails. You can cast this spell on a corpse that has been deceased for any amount of time, but the body must be mostly intact to be able to respond. A damaged corpse may be able to give partial answers or partially correct answers, but it must at least have a mouth in order to speak at all. This spell does not affect a corpse that has been turned into an undead creature.


This in effect means I will never be able to use this revelation, nor will any spell caster with access to the Speak with Dead spell ever be able to use it, at least given the situation I faced tonight and in the past. If you would like specific circumstances, I would be happy to list them out as I am trying to avoid spoilers at the moment.

Thank you and please help!

Thanks all! Sorry about the wrong forum - didn't even know there was a PFS specific forum.

Okay, dirp question I know, but I've spent days on IE looking for this and can't find specifics:

I know when you're level 1 you can effectively red mage everything on your character sheet other than your PFS no. Problem I'm having is how you handle the equipment if you're unsatisfied. Do I "sell back" the armor/weaponry, effectively getting back half price, or do I get full gold as if I never took it in the first place? Also, are there any "off-limits" stuff outside of what gold costwould limit? (i.e. can I buy "always available" stuff? I got one XP on the sheet already.)


Any thoughts about either Volcano or Dragon?

Apologies for the necro - Ratfolk Elder, this was the first PISO forums post that came up when searching for the very question I posed in my first first. If you want to delete it, fine, or I can do it as soon as I figure out how.

I've noticed folks keep referring to the "bonus languages at starting" group, but what I'm confused by is are you locked to that listing for your race? I'm working on a ratfolk Unchained rogue who has a decent INT (+1), plus 1 rank in linguistics. The list given on ratfolk's racial page is "Languages: Ratfolk begin play speaking Common. Ratfolk with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Aklo, Draconic, Dwarven, Gnoll, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Orc, and Undercommon." Am I restricted to only these languages unless I use a feat/trait?

Huh. Thanks for the head's-up. The DM for the party switched recently so I might have a slim chance of getting away with the changes for the additions of the unchained rogue abilities. If I can't, I'll check out the tail blade option. Didn't see the "Scurrying Swarmer" feat mentioned though. Is it listed under some secondary area of the SRD web site?

Falconer: Sadly my GM has pretty much permanently ruled out 3rd party stuff. Thanks everyone else - I'll try the Unchained Ninja idea as it has merit. Also thanks for the feat suggestions!

I'm playing in a 15-point build campaign, and we don't use the Mythic rules. I wanted to build a ninja, but discovered that strength is going to be tanked no matter how I try to build the character. Are there any non-mythic feats that allow a dex-based character to use dex mod in some way for damage instead of strength?

Arbane the Terrible wrote:
For an Oracle, Wisdom is mainly for Perception checks and Will saves (their one strong save), so if you need a dump stat, it's probably one of the safer ones.

What about Spiritual Squire/Spiritual Weapon/Spirit Ally? I know the third isn't until lvl 8, so it's not as worrisome, but don't all three use your WIS stat? How would I get around this?

Thanks so much for the guide - new to playing spellcasters in general, but enjoyed the idea of this one so decided to jump in head-first. Only issue I'm having so far is the stat-block you suggest for point-buy; are the stats you list pre-floating bonus, or post-bonus? In either case, why is WIS a dump stat? Don't you need it for stuff down the line?

I have a barbarian with the whole Beast totem set and a BAB of +12/+7/+2. How many natural claw attacks do I get when I pounce with this scenario?

Thanks in advance

Thanks Cerberus Seven and Alexandros Satorum for the help.

Ooops, kinda lied - also, do the mid-level one protect you against charging attacks? (it states that you get a +20% miss chance against ranged and non-adjacent melee attacks such as reach).

Thanks again

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