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I've been wanting to do a Stonelord build for a long time now, and I think I just have been nudged enough to do it. I just got a race boon for a really cool race (that isn't generally legal in society play) and have been inspired to make a Stonelord from the race. The problem is that the race in question is neither Dwarf nor Human (I'm looking at you, Racial Heritage). I am trying to keep the race and build generally vague as I have been haunted by Paizo hitting some of my builds with the nerf-faq-ratta stick, so I won't go into much detail.

Does anyone know how to make a Non-Dwarf, Non-Human Stonelord in Society play and have it be legal?

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Depends on the race.

Some races (notably Tiefling and Aasimar) have an alternative racial trait which allows them to count as human, which in turn opens up the racial heritage feat.

... And I know the feeling. You find something really cool, and you think it should work, and then when you roll it and play a game or two, you get told that it doesn't work because things you've picked don't interact as you thought.
It's generally better to be upfront with what you plan because that helps people give you accurate answers, and you avoid having your character shot down later when the mistake is found.

(I wanted to roll a rougarou alchemist that uses the tail feats to get a prehensile tail which counts as a free hand, except for wielding weapons. I totally think it should allow me to throw bombs (especially since the build is silly and not actually powerful in any way) but, alas, my friends pointed out that throwd bombs probably counts as wielded weapons.)

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It sounds a bit paranoid to not want to detail your build because you're afraid Paizo's going to come around and nerf more PF1 things, specifically because you mentioned them.

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PFS1 won't get anymore updates, so you can rest assured that any cheese that's legal right now will be legal for as long as you can find tables to play at.

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Best bet is to keep it as legal as possible. That way you don't have to deal with every GM saying "Wait. How'd ya do that?" and taking precious time away from a time limited slot.


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...players complaining that legal options are horribly O/P AFTER they've been vetted repeatedly using 'character play lifetime' as a method of measure.

You guys have brought up an interesting point regarding PF1 not getting nerfed anymore, so I am willing to share.

The boon was a multiple race boon, and the only good one on it was Ghoran. The idea was to be Ivern the Kind (formerly known as Ivern the Cruel before he was turned into a tree) from League of Legends. I wanted to do Stonelord because it has an actual earth elemental and Paladin can be played to be supporty.

I also have a build made up for the character to be an Unchained Summoner if the Stonelord concept just doesn't work. Does that help narrow the search focus? :)

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Oh! Stonelord is from the Advanced Race Guide. Only "actual" dwarves can be Stonelords.

No "Racial Heritage", no "Dwarf-Blooded", nada.

*suddenly suffers flashbacks from all of the race discussions during PFS1*

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I might akin this to the Spire Magus which is elf-only for example. I don't think race-related classes/archetypes are something where this prerequisite can be bypassed.

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Some books can be. The Advanced Race Guide is not one of them.

IIRC, it boiled down to rules restrictions vs Campaign restrictions.

A "rules restriction" is like when the Core Rulebook states "Only Dwarves may select this option". If you then found an in-game work-around, like taking the Racial Heritage feat, you could open up that restriction.

A "Campaign restriction" is something like the text of the Additional Resources that states "You must be a member of this race to select this option". The only work-around would be Campaign Leadership reversing that restriction.

I remember talking ad nauseum about this back in the day. I'm sure I could find links if motivated sufficiently. Or just search this forum for the term "race restriction".

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