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For the fun of it I would like to make npcs based off of car names. What car names are also names of classes/archtypes?

Ranger (Ford)
Wizard (Isuzu)
Rogue (Nissan)
Pathfinder (Nissan)
Cavalier (Chevrolet)

Jeep Gladiator
Land Rover Defender

There are a few others that I can think of that partially match but aren't the full archetype name, Prowler, Raider etc.

Personal favorite though would be a spritualist with his Rolls Royce Phantom.

Oracle (Belgium, 2005)


I know there was a Ford Hunter station wagon when I was a kid. That NPC would be getting on in years a bit I expect.

Nova (Chevy)

With the large number of archtypes I thought there would be more. Anyway, thanks for the replies.

Found some more:
Trans Am Bandit
Jeep Commando
Lincoln Corsair
Subaru Forester
Chevrolet Goliath
Ariel Huntmaster
Ford Maverick
Kawasaki Ninja
Russian ATV Shaman
Buick Wildcat
Dodge Ram Warlock

Additionally, there is:
Grand Theft Auto: Brute
Grand Theft Auto: Sentinel

As well as the following:
Brawler manufactures carburetors
New Buccaneer Caravans trailer
Cardinal manufactures carports
Dragon Automobile Company
Wanderer was a German manufacturer

Trying to search over 1200 names is not easy. :-)


Somebody poke me when Tesla releases the Reincarnated Druid.

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