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So I've been looking online for the past couple days for an answer to this question of mine. The question is does the Tattooed Archetype stack with Wildblooded Sage >IF< I take Blood Havoc. Because from what I know CORE they don't stack but then there are these bloodline mutations(basically select Wildblooded changes IMO) that seem to override everything when you take it.

So basically at Char creation I would select what bloodline I want before archetype cause archetypes change bloodline so you need a bloodline first. And the moment I get my Arcane bloodline I would change out Arcane Bond for Blood Havoc which would then not get replaced when I take Wildblooded Sage or Tattooed Sorcerer

Blood Havoc

Now right there it says "a bloodrager or sorcerer cannot swap a bloodline power that she has altered or replaced with an archetype for a bloodline mutation". From what I understand of this it's saying if you chose an archetype that changes one of these powers your SOL which seems to be most especially if you want Blood Havoc.

BUT it also says "Once this choice is made, it cannot be changed" so say I chose Arcane bloodline replaced it with Blood Havoc could I then chose an archetype that changes the first level bloodline power which wouldn't get changed at all?

Sorry if this has been answered before I've only been playing Pathfinder for about the last year and while I did try and find an answer without posting none of the questions I found included the bloodline mutations in their variables.

You don't get to have 2 things that alter the same class feature, the order you make choices in character creation doesn't matter.

Edit: if order did matter the last choice (archetype in your example) would still override the earlier ones, leavinv you without the bloodline mutation.

Bloodline Mutations cannot be taken in the place of a bloodline power if that power is modified by an archetype. Both Sage and Tattooed Sorcerer modify the 1st level bloodline power, therefor they are mutually incompatible with each other and Blood Havoc. You can still take Blood Havoc as a bloodline feat, but it cannot be exchanged for the bloodline power if you take either of these archetypes.

So. Thanks for the quick and on-point responses. Not what I wanted to hear but that's part of life, Now to dive back into the sea that is d20pfsrd to continue learning and loving.

Also on a side note thank you for not saying anything along the lines of "Just go wizard, its so much better than sorcerer in every way."

Zel'Nathul wrote:
"Just go wizard, its so much better than sorcerer in every way."

Anyone saying something like that would've been crass, off-top, and factually wrong.

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