Can you multi-class into a Universalist Wizard?

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Put as simply as possible, I want to get Hand of the Apprentice on my fighter.

However that feat requires you to be a universalist wizard. Strangely when you become a multi-class wizard you don't have to / get to choose a school, unlike some other similar class features gained when multi-classing (bloodline, instinct, order. etc.) I see that the wizard dedication feat Arcane School Spell lets you choose a school and gain it's initial school spell, but universal isn't a school per say, and doesn't grant a spell.

Can I take this feat anyway, for no spell gained, to become a universalist? Would I be considered a universalist if I simple don't choose a school with this feat in the first place? Or is there no way to take universalist wizard feats without being a wizard?

I’d let you, but it’s an odd and I think unintended gap in the rules.

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