Is Quick Repair working as intended?

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Sovereign Court

CRB p. 264 wrote:

Quick Repair Feat 1

General Skill
Prerequisites trained in Crafting
You take 1 minute to Repair an item. If you’re a master in Crafting, it takes 3 actions. If you’re legendary, it takes 1 action.

So we could repair items at in-combat speeds. But:

CRB p. 243-244 wrote:


Requirements You have a repair kit (page 291).
You spend 10 minutes attempting to fix a damaged item, placing the item on a stable surface and using the repair kit with both hands. The GM sets the DC, but it’s usually about the same DC to Repair a given item as it is to Craft it in the first place. You can’t Repair a destroyed item.

I mean you could stuff the repair kit in a bandolier maybe. But the #1 obvious use case for really fast repair at in-combat speed would be a damaged shield. But how is that going to work with putting it on the table?

Also Table 6-9 (p.288) lists the repair kit as requiring two hands.

So what's the point? Is this feat good for something else I'm not seeing? Or should it remove some of the practical restrictions (say, reduce the number of free hands to 1 and ignore the flat surface)?

Silver Crusade

I'd say the ground counts as a stable (note, not flat) surface.

Free action drop shield and weapon.

1 action draw from bandolier and repair.

Free action drop repair kit

2 actions pick up your shield and weapon.

So a Legendary Smith can drop and fix his shield and pick it up again all in one round.

I don’t think you can drop a shield as a free action unless it is a buckler.

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