Journey through Kaer Maga (Book 4 spoilers)

Curse of the Crimson Throne

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Hi all,

Next session my party will be starting History of Ashes. The first part of this will be the journey to the Cinderlands - nobody in the party can cast overland flight or teleport, so they'll be walking there.

Of course, a major part of this journey is climbing to the Storval Plateau and passing through Kaer Maga. After reading The Redemption Engine and the City of Monsters sourcebook, I really want to do something in the city as they pass through. The party is also a little behind in XP (they bypassed pretty much all of the Arkona mansion and smuggle caves by getting themselves TPKed and waking up in the torture chamber outside the Vivified Labyrinth), so this seems a good way to make up for that.

Did anybody else do something in Kaer Maga at this point in the story? Or does anyone have some ideas of fun things for a level 10 party to do here? I don't really want to spend more than a single session here, but don't want to miss the opportunity.

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Here's what I did. You might want to read the post in front as well, to set the tone.

I have switched the AP to medium XP advancement and have put about a levels worth of material in Kaer Maga, to fit where needed within levels 10-14.

I leant hard on the "City of Strangers" guide, mostly using:

- Getting drawn into the inner workings of the cult of the Child Goddess. They may even bust up the cult, depending on how upset they are about what they find the cult is up to.

- Helping out the Arcanist's Circle, in order to get on their good side and be able to order high-end magic items.

- Finding out about some of Togomor's history: even more reasons to want to unseat the queen and her Bloatmage senechal.

- Some Red Mantis shenanigans, as some of the assassins make it to the city and try to track down the PCs.

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