Madness cards and an altered Sanity System

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This should maybe be in the homebrew forum, but I made this for my Strange Aeons campaign, so I posted it here.

I made a bunch (70+) of cards for my altered sanity system in conjunction with the expanded fear system.


I have a more formatted document for this but here's the gist:

Sanity is equal to the sum of your mental ability scores.
Sanity Threshold is your best mental ability modifier + one-third your level.
Sanity Edge is half your sanity.

You gain a madness when you take sanity damage greater than your threshold.
Taking out the "or equal to" cuts the number of madnesses handed out dramatically.

Rather than lesser and greater madnesses, I just made each madness (usually) have a lesser and greater effect.
-When your sanity is undamaged, your madnesses have no effect.
-When you're sanity is damaged but still above your edge, you suffer the lesser effects of your madnesses.
-When you go over the edge, you suffer the greater effects.

The DC of each madness is 10 + (1/2 your level) + an ability modifier (specified on the madness card).

The DC is lowered in the normal manner (magic and therapy apply a negative modifier). When the DC is reduced to zero, the madness is cured.

Most of the madnesses I designed also have ways of increasing their DC.

I still have some editing to do, maybe some different font choices for readability at card size (maybe tarot size instead...).

If anyone wants a copy of these cards or the one page document with the Sanity System detailed on it, just let me know here or in a PM.

Almost all the art was bastardized from Scott Purdy's amazing art, and some of the madnesses and flavor text were adopted from Kingdom Death: Monster (not linked; NSFW) and the DSM-5

Yeah, posted this prematurely. These are not going to work as standard poker cards. I'll keep working at it and post again when some progress has been made.

Progress has been MADE!.

Okay, so what we have here is a separate card for the lesser and greater effects of each of the 71 madnesses.

I intend to keep them in the top two rows of a card holder page. Inactive cards get turned face down, and the page acts as a limit on the number of madnesses a character can have at once.

This will double as a wet- or dry-erase surface to write the changing DC of the madness in the space on the top right side.

Proof deck has been ordered from DriveThruCards... now it's like waiting for Christmas to arrive.

Who do you feel about me using your unspeakably amazing creation in my own Strange Aeons game?

I highly encourage it!

Auto-correct butchered my post, but I appreciate it all the same.

Let me know if/how you want me to give credit.

I don't need any credit. I hope it works well for you.

Well, these came out just beautiful.


Want these nao!!!

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