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Welcome back, GMMichael. :)

No reason why they shouldn't be, demlin. ;)

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The pdf option might not work but the epub option should still be functional, if that helps, Bellona, Nicholas the ex-Paladin. ;)

Don't Paizo keep their 2nd edition modules separate from their 1st edition modules, unless it's the Kingmaker reprint?

Manfri wrote:

One concern I have is for healing at level 2.

Normally in PFS many of us would have a wand of CLW purchased with Prestige, which would be useable by Bam, Manfri and prolly c c’s PC.

Is it reasonable for whoever wants to, to pool some gold together for a CLW wand. I have 500+gp left, but am hoping to find some weapon and armor upgrades during the game ;)

Unfortunately, Chuufa- although Use Magic Device is a class skill for the Malefex- simply isn't able to use any wands at all... that would've been more of Praxis's Forte. And, since he has to make use of his Cap of Human Disguise, he won't be able to contribute to the party healing pool. :(

While I'm not privy to how DM rel20 wishes to handle things on that front, mebbe it could be something that the lodge might throw in one as an adventuring bonus?

There's also the possibility of having 'fake prestige points' that's only spendable on a 1st level wand?

Another possible avenue might be to allow partially charged wands since they'd be much more affordable, coin wise.

Of course, there'd always be the possibility of there being found treasure; mebbe healing potions since healing wands weren't really a thing until 3rd edition D&D?

Yours is mined wrote:

Hi c c,

I think we've made some passing, mutually supportive comments on the Boards over the years, but this will be the first time we're playing together.

I'm looking forward to it :)

I am not familiar with the two 3rd party classes you propose, but if you're interested in my opionion, I like the sound of the Malafex, and think (oddly maybe?) that a tengu would fit the theme/spirit of this game well.

Sounds good to me, Yours is mined, and likewise looking forward to playing in this adapted adventure with you and the others. :)

Bam Ambermaul wrote:


By the way, do we have anyone who can pick locks? Bam isn't trained.

Both Chuufa and Praxis have access to the Trapfinding class feature via their 3pp classes, so the party should be covered there. :)

Today is a good day to... halp wrote:

Gonzo Multiclass Man:

"Baby-sitting" a Tengu Malefex:

Some minor bits of corrections (or clarifications) for both characters...


Although I did list a partially charged CLW wand as a prospective equipment for Praxis, there's a small part of me wondering if I should have 2 partially charged wands, 5 charges each, of both CLW and 1 other Bard Spell- mebbe Share Language... if needed- instead. ;)

Otherwise, Praxis could assist others in combat with his whip if he doesn't have a good shot and if his spells/powers [a +2 Dexterity with Minor Metamorphosis] or class abilities do not apply. Additionally, his Altered Defense ability from the 3pp Cryptic class is usable 7x's each round/per day.


For Chuufa's changes, I forgot to add in for his 3rd Least Malefaction at 2nd level, which will be Steal Stamina.

Also, if there would be an issue with Chuufa's Tengu Swordtrained racial trait in using Weapon Finesse on an Aldori Dueling Sword [seems allowed in Herolab, oddly enough], I can easily change it over to an Estoc instead and having the silvered slingstones be just regular slingstones- leaving Chuufa with 19 gold pieces and 1 silver piece leftover, which will allow him to purchase an Alkali flask for 15gp too. Both the Estoc and Aldori Dueling Sword are usable with 1 or 2 hands [hence the 14 Str stat] which was what I had narrowed down to Chuufa's main weapon of choice.

Also, due to the Make Do School of Hard Knocks talent, Chuufa can have any of his manufactured weapons, armors, or tools/equipment be considered as Masterwork and he'd take no penalty for not having any tools on the off-chance that he'd be without his stuff. ;)


PS. Looks like there's 2 votes for the Tengu Malefex then. Chuufa's off doing victory laps, fists held up high, around the metaphorical field. Too bad that I don't have the heart to tell him that there's two others that have yet to weigh in their votes- if any. ;p

And without further ado, allow me to present you all with both choices of 3pp characters.

If one of them would serve the party better or another would seem to be a much better fit for the group, then- by all means- please do choose who'd you want to have on your team. ;)

Gonzo Multiclass Man:

"Can't rightly recall if I got my gun loaded today or not. Doesn't matter though... I'm still taking that shot."

Praxis Prukksen, TN Human/Industrious Male L1 Bard/Arcane Duelist, L1 Cryptic/Grammaton and his Donkey/Mule Beast of Burden, Cuthbert.

Str13, Dex14/16, Con12, Int16[14base], Wis12, Cha13

HP=15, AC=16/17; TAC=12/13; FFAC=14, FCB:Cryptic=Skills

Fort=2; Refl=7; Will=5, +3 Initv, Mv30', +1 CMB, 14 CMD

Bard Spells: Concentration +4

0=Ghost sound, Prestidgtn, Read Magic, Vac-Vessel
1=Jury-Rig, Waterproof

Bard: Bardic Perf=5/day;standard [distraction/fascinate/inspire courage+1/rallying cry]

Cryptic=2 PP, 1 grit, Concentration +4

0=My light, Psionic repair
1=Metamorphosis, minor

Cryptic: Altered defense, Disrupt pattern/Humanoid=1d6+3 via pistol, Trapfinding=+1 Perc/DisDev, Trapmaker+1

17 Skills: +7/6 Acrobatic=1, +8 Craft:Alchemy=1, +10 Craft:Firearm=2, +6 Craft:Trap=1, +10/11 Disable Device=2, +7/6 Esc-Art=1, +2 Hnd-Aml=1, +6 Intimd=2, +7 K:Psi=1, +6/7 Percep=2, +4 Perf=Oratory=1, +7 Spellcr=1, +7/6 Stealth=1

Feats: Amat. Gunslinger=Quick Clear, Arcane Strike, Gunsmith., 1=Wpn.Fitness., HB=Spell Cartr.

Traits: Just Like New;C, Northern Ances.=Cold Resist2;Camp-RoW

Lang: Common, Draconic, Elf, Dwarf

Equip: Mwk Pistol=150gp;4-lb, CIron Sawback Gladius=35gp;3-lb, ASilver Kunai=22gp;2-lb, Whip=1gp;2-lb, Mwk Buckler=155gp;5-lb, Bulette Lthr=50gp;20-lbs, Dorje/Elfsight [5c] =75gp, Wand/CLW [10c]=150gp, Mwk ThvTools=100gp;2-lb, Alchemy Craft Kit=25gp;5-lb[-], Cat Burglar Kit=15gp; 12-lb= include mw bkpk [4-lb], 50'silk rope[-], etc., [Free Explorer Outfit=-;8-lb], Gunsmith Kit=15gp;2-lb[-], Port. Alchemy Lab=75gp;20-lb[-], Powderhorn=3gp;1-lb, Spell-Compnt. Pouch=5gp;2-lb, Waterskin=1gp;4-lb, Flint/steel=1gp, 3 Bullets=1gp/each, 4 Dose/Blk.Powder=10gp/each, 3 Alchem. Cartr/Paper=12gp/each, Candlelamp=5gp;1-lb[-], Mule: 'Cuthbert'=8gp, Packsaddle=5gp;-, Anml-Harness=2gp;-, 1 ASilver Bullet, Wpncord [gun]=1sp, Waterproof bag=5sp;0.5-lb, Bedroll=5sp;5-lb[-], Bandolier=5sp, Winter. blnk=5sp;3-lb[-], Poncho=5sp;2-lb, Messkit=2sp;1-lb[-], Dandybrush=2sp;2-lb[-], Feed:x5=25cp[-], Twine=1cp;0.5-lb, Wandermeal=x9=9cp;4.5-lb[-],
Candles=x5=5cp, Acid flask=10gp;1-lb, 10'foldpole=2sp;10-lb[-], Alchem.kindness=1gp.

Coins=6gp;4sp left

Enc=57-lb [lite; rest carried by Cuthbert/Mule]



"Baby-sitting" a Tengu Malefex:

"Hah! Chuufa says that luck's not with ya!"

Chuufa, CG or CN? Tengu/Carrionsense Male L2 Malefex and his Pet Sheep, Levandrie

Racial: [Lowlight; +2 Percep/Stealth; Swordtrain; Bite=1d3; Carrionsense]

Str14, Dex16[14base], Con12[8base], Int10, Wis16[14base], Cha10

BAB=1, CMB=3, CMD=16, AC=17, TAC=13, FFAC=14

Init=+3, HP=15, FCB=Skill, Fort=4, Refl=9, Will=6


2 Least Malefactions [120', x4/day, DC=14]: Glued Boots, Baleful Glare

1 Knock: Make Do

Trapfinding= +1 DisDev, Perc/traps

Wrack= +1 hit, +3 damaged vs. cursed enemies

Skin= +3 Fort/Refl

Psychic Skill Unlocks= automatic

14 Skills: +7 Acrob=1, +4 Appr=1, +4 Bluff=1, +6 Climb=1, +10/8 DisDev=2, +7 Esc-Art=1,+10 Percep=2, +7 Smotiv=1, +7 SltoHand=1, +9 Stealth=1, +6 Swim=1, +1 Hnd-Aml=1

Feat: Wpn-Finesse

Traits: Armor Expert;C, Destined for Greatness;R

Lang: Common, Tengu

Equipment: CIron Sawback Aldori-Duel. Sword=45gp;3-lb; +1 hit, Lamellar Leather Armor=60gp;25-lb;-acp, Cap of Human Disguise=800gp, [Free: Rogue Kit=-;37-lb, Explorer Outfit=-/8-lb], Sling=-, ASilver Travel. Kettle=25gp;2-lb, CIron Kunai=4gp;2-lb, Shortbow=30gp;2-lb, 10 ASilver Bullets=20gp,1sp;5-lb, 20 CIron Arrows=2gp;3-lbs, Sheep "Levandrie" =2gp;-, Packsaddle=5gp;-, Bit&Bridle=2gp;-, Dandybrush=2sp;[-], x2 Feed=1sp;[-], Small Shears=5sp;[-]

Coin=4gp,1sp left

Enc Wt=47-lbs [lite; rest carried by Levandrie/Sheep]


Warah wrote:
If the GM's fine with it, I say knock my socks off. I have no experience with 3pp stuff yet; maybe playing with some wild ones will whet my appetite.

That's the spirit, Warah, and I'll try my best to put on a decent showing for the 3pp side of things. ;)

GM PaleDim wrote:

It's my understanding that while we're keeping our builds "PFS close" or "PFS adjacent" that this won't actually be a PFS game per the use of 3pp. So I don't think anything beyond the basic PFS build parameters matters here. So, I'm guessing it's GM permission for things that would normally be allowed via chronicles.

I have some limited knowledge of 3pp: longtime fan of Dreamscarred Press' stuff, got into Spheres in the last year or so.

Fair enough, GM PaleDim; admittedly, my playing of PF1e has been on and off, so there may be a bit on the rules side that I'll get fuzzy on now and then. As for the 3pp [or even 2pp stuff like Paizo's Vampire Hunter D, Dynamite's Worldscape PF content, and Paizo's Niobe sourcebooks, for that matter], some of the 3pp classes seem easier for me to wrap my head around than compared to others. The Cryptic being on good example of that; before that I'd gravitate to something like a Soulknife or Aegis, then I'd get an epiphany about another class, like the Malefex or Cryptic, after mulling over on it some.

The Spheres of Might and Power do seem interesting though- if I've got my reading correct on them, they offer more along the lines of customizable spell-like abilities/Schools-Bloodlines-Domains/Ki powers for Power and customizable Talents and abilities with Might. ;)

GM PaleDim wrote:
I've (mostly) made an Incanter, so I'm filling (roughly) the "mage" role, but with a character who dabbles in the undead. He expects to make uses of spare bodies laying around. I don't think that overlaps at all with what you described.
Warah wrote:
My character is a warpriest. She'll be a frontliner.

Figured I'll be giving everyone a choice between choosing 2 characters that I came up with, a Gonzo Multiclass Bard/Cryptic or a more standard type Malefex. The Multiclass definitely leans in on some non-PFS choices, like having partially charged Wands/Dorjes or using feats like Spell-Cartridges, which never got made into a legal option, unless there's a chronicle sheet out there that awards such. The Malefex ends up being a bit more within the bounds of actual PFS legalities, apart from the chosen 3pp class itself. :)

I'd probably place both the Gonzo Human Multiclass Arcane Duelist Bard/Grammaton Cryptic and the Standard Tengu Malefex as being narrowly-skilled with traps/stealthing with some buffering abilities/aiding/spells from the Gonzo Multiclass and debuffing from the Malefex. Knowledge skills really weren't utilized for either choices too. Both characters lean in on the use of Weapon Finesse, although their ranged combat options or really high damage might not be too great for either compared to a dedicated ranged attacker. ;)

DM rel20 wrote:
I should note that the main reason for running this was to run a horror themed adventure to match the season. Because the adventure isn't written by Paizo, I could allow players to experiment a little bit, but it was not my intention for this to be the focus. As a horror adventure from 2E, there are traditional silver screen and Victorian (a lot of gothic horror was written during the Victorian era) tropes in place, which will make gonzo selections very difficult to play. Most of the populations are isolated, hunted, and persecuted. They will form witch hunts for things that are different or taboo.

The Gonzo Multiclass Human is fairly normal, save that he's got some oddly strange styles of tattoos on his person and uses a non-standard, new-fangled firearm; his personality should be fairly standard- and he has a donkey/mule to help with encumbrance issues. The Tengu Malefex though- he's a bit of an odd 'duck', so to speak, referring himself in the 3rd person and singing/cawing out his curses. Not as well-equipped as his Gonzo Multiclass counterpart, he has to spend much of hia time in the guise of a human child [if even gnomes or halflings get looked upon with suspicion] via a magical cap. His ability to causes curses upon his foes might not endear him to the general population but... certain elements, if it exists at all, may find his curse-giving powers lively enough. ;p

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Poison Resin via AoN goes to here. Apparently it's from a PF1e Companion, Potions & Poisons. ;)

PS. as an added bonus, some 3.5 Kaorti stuff. ;)

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If some GM wanna house-rule that all the heart-piercing magics stuff should only be used with projectile-ammo using ranged weaponry only, they could; but clearly, anime's influence into pop and gaming culture does say otherwise- courtesy of the Type-Moon Fate franchise by way of Irish Mythology. ;)

The Immortals/Wrath of the Immortals revised boxed rulesets for BECMI has planar-type social-politickings stuff, the first Immortals adventure module, The Immortal Storm, had Immortal characters going to an alternate modern Earth at one point, the Blackmoor BECMI 2nd and 3rd adventure modules, Temple of the Frog and City of the Gods, dealt with a crashed spaceship scenario, the Companion BECMI adventure called Where Chaos Reigns has a technology versus magic by time-travel feel, and reputedly, Jim Ward's Starship Warden/Metamorphosis Alpha adventure involved fantasy characters going into spaceships backstory behind it. ;)

PS. If ya ain't too familiar with the BECMI/Rules Cyclopedia, then something like OSE's got you covered. ;P

Now part of the mindset of why I went with something like Arcane Duelist Bard/3pp Vanguard, instead of something along the lines of a Magus archetype or spell-casting Vigilante archetype was mostly so that the gonzo-track proposed character could get a free Arcane Strike outta the deal- that way, Spell Cartridges could be taken as well as Weapon Finesse.

Otherwise, by dint of being human, the gonzo-track character could easily pick just Arcane Strike and Spell Cartridges as a 1st level feat choice but an arcane casting class is still required though for the Spell Cartridges feat to work.

Now if there's any overlap with other player character concepts, or the GM themselves, DM rel20, would not want to even begin to deal with that, or even if any of the other players aren't too keen or aren't on board with this strange oddball concept, then I've absolutely no problem with dropping this tangent and moving onto an entirely different character build. :)

PS. Also coming up with an idea of a Tengu Malefex that has to keep his Cap of Human Guise on at all times; mebbe a Changeling could be used instead, foregoing the need for the cap though. Alternatively, I could probably lean more into the Psionics side of things with a standard Cryptic as well.

Greetings everyone, this is DM rel20's other player from his current 3pp Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands game. As directed, I'll be making my PbP game-acquaintances with you all, ready and able to help spread all the 3pp love for PF1e. ;)

Now admittedly, it's been a few years since I've last played in PFS over in RL at a FLGS in the past, so I'm not really all that up on some of the more recent Organized Play nomenclature and stuff. I do remember though that all the magical-item crafting feats did get replaced in general for PFS characters however since those got awarded through Prestige Points or PFS Chronicle Sheets for treasure and experience.

As I've mentioned in the alternate LfP for this Ravenloft adaptation, I was thinking of going with either the 3pp class of the Malefex, which kinda plays similar to a spell-less Mesmerist that has more Rogue-type skills and talents, and the 3pp Psionics [as envisioned by the D&D 3.5 points style of Psionics] class of the Cryptic, which plays like a hybrid mix of a Rogue-type and the Warlock Vigilante, in particular, with short-ranged touch attack options. :)

Now in the course of looking thru at the Cryptic Archetypes that trade-out the Scribe [psionic] Tattoo feat, I happened upon the firearm-wielding Grammaton Archetype and the Non-PFS approved Spell Cartridges feat and came up with a weirdly inspired testing Human Multiclass of the Arcane Duelist Bard and the Grammaton Cryptic; figured I should run this by everyone though since it is kind of 'off-the-beaten' track, so to speak.

In keeping with the 3pp themes, I could go with Rogue Genius Games' 3pp class of Vanguard instead of the Arcane Duelist Bard as well. Otherwise, I can just lean on the more standard types of curse-giving Malefex or Cryptic with a different archetype as full 2nd level characters too. ;)

DM rel20 wrote:
Go ahead and start posting in the discussion thread; it'll give you a chance to meet the other players.

Good to hear, DM rel20, and thank you very much to you and your other fellow players for the invitation. I'll be doing just that, then. :)

Good to see some of your personal OSR homebrew ruleset, Helaman; Unfortunately, I fear that due to my being recently accepted for a different game, I'll have to forego joining up with your recruitment for now since I've reached my personal limit of how many PbP games that I'll be able to manage. :(

That being said, if some time down the line, if my play schedule opens up and there more openings that were to opened up for joining your OSR campaign, I'd be interested in playing later on, thank you in advance. :)

Just outta curiousity, Helaman, what would be the expected posting rate for this game be?

Personally, I tend to post at irregular intervals between days... so a 1/day posting schedule is going to be a no go for myself. ;)

Now, admittedly, I'm currently already active in another of DM rel20's non-pfs games- so if there's another new willing player for this game that wishes to join in, I've no issue with stepping aside or being a secondary/tertiary option... presuming that posting rate wouldn't be an issue.

Also, just out of curiosity , would Character Races be limited to Paizo based ones, even those not considered for PFS, or would some select 3pp races be allowed, depending on sourcebook used? And how will 2nd level equipment be handled? WBL or something different, since PFS uses those exp form sheets and stuff. ;)

Hmm, just outta curiosity, what would the expected posting rate be for this adventure?

Personally, I tends towards posting between days at irregular intervals, so a daily posting requirement is a no go on my end.

Otherwise, how does a Malefex, a 3pp class from Dreamscarred Press, or a Cryptic, a 3pp Psionic class also from Dreamscarred Press, sound to you, DM rel20? ;)

Admittedly, I've never personally played anything in the Ravenloft setting before but I do know of some of it's more well-known setting conceits [ie. Gothic horror; those danged mists. ;p] though.

PS. as an fyi for any other interested parties out there besides m'self, the main thread would be located here.

Mosswater is also mentioned in the Thornkeep sourcebook- if I recall correctly, they're a bunch of Halfling ranchers living there? It's been a few years since I've read either.

Seems like the giving up your feats for the SoM's combat talents would kinda be similar to having a VMC but you can choose the class feature.

As to trading out your weapon proficiencies for a martial tradition, probably seems better off keeping them and getting the Basic Magical Training feat from SoP and seeing if your GM will allow you to do a 1 to 1 trade of a basic Sphere power for a Combat talent; ymmv on this, depending on your GM. ;)

Here's a tangential thought on how you could have 25 point buy player characters interacting with 20 point buy player characters and 15 point buy player characters in the same general party mix- haz the 15 pointers be just young kids and the 20 pointers be the teenagers; naturally, the 25 pointers end up being the adults and so on. ;)

Diego Rossi wrote:
My group played for a time while generating stat by rolling 4d6 and keeping 3, ordering them as they wished, and then re-rolling one stat and keeping the better one. We still had a guy roll a character with a total stat cost of -5 and another, in the same party, with a total of +38.

Haz played with the thought of having rolled up stats by the players, then having the collective highest Stat rolls of all the participating players being put into a pooled array of Stat scores [depending upon the total number of players; if less than 6, the next highest rolls and so on] that could be chosen to make a final collective 6 Stat array that can be used by all the players to arrange as they wish for their characters. These would be just the base Stat scores without any modifiers to 'em. The end Stat scores might be kinda all the samey but it'd definitely be fair in character score distribution.

Personally, I'd be sorely tempted to make a dual-wielding Drow character, whose name- using lots of apostrophes and plenty of applied consonants- would end up being pronounced as closely as possible to the name, Disco Duck. ;p

Tosscobobble wrote:

While I appreciate some of the openness (lack of details) of the lore, I am surprised that there isn't more info about published things.

Here's a tunnel leading into the Darklands..... Great. To where?
Here's a town with a peculiar background, but figure out the details on your own

It's not like I'm talking about new stuff....this area was published years ago and abandoned it seems

This town, you mentioned, was it called Thornkeep? It has it's own dungeon system too- so mebbe that tunnel connects to the Emerald Spire one?

Just as an fyi, both Thornkeep and the Emerald Spire were started as Kickstarter projects to help the defunct Pathfinder Online MMO get off the ground. ;)

PS. Or you could always bring in other adventures, towns, and settings [3pp or 1pp] to help fill in the gaps and make it your own unique thing. ;)

Would OSE/BECMI/LofFP be the primary 'engine' for your OSR ruleset?

So for the standard 7 classes, those would be the Fighter, Magic User, Cleric, Thief Expert, Dwarf, Elf, and Halfling? ;)

Not too sure when the specifics of the Starstone ascension for Iomedae, Cayden, and Norgorber happens but I've got me a feelin' that those 3 and their associates wasn't around back then. ;)

Since there's supposed to be a twenty year time difference between PF1e events and PF2e events, mebbe a lot could 'change' over a span of a few decades in your homebrew of Minkai and the 2e information, if any, could end up being guidelines for the future? ;p

TxSam88 wrote:
Herolab Classic (PF1) and Herolab online (PF1, PF2, and SF) by is probably the absolute best digital tool out there. It can be expensive, but if you are a regular gamer like I am, it's well worth it.; linkified for the op and for convenience's sake too. ;)

Liliyashanina wrote:
Hotel Leningrads core are Soviet WW2 veterans, but they are pretty nondiscriminatory in their hiring practices.

Y'know, it just occurred to me that out of all ten prospectives, only three would look out of place openly among humans without access to a hat of disguise; those 3 being Hoisting Kudzus the Vine Leshy, Garlax the Kasatha, and Chuufa the Tengu.

For characters like Zarbney the Hairless Half-Giant or Tardek the beardy Dwarf, they seem close enough to being human-like that the plane-lost Soviets [they're in some kinda afterlife, beyond their wildest notions?] might not give them another thought as being too alien. Same thing with Yarisana the Peri-blooded Aasimar, Iobne the Heterochromia-eyed Changeling, or Torbayleon the Aphorite.

Now Leffertiste, on the other hand, being a Kitsune; he'd be able to pass off as human mostly until his fox form is revealed- then, it might be more likely that those Soviets might consider him to be some kinda weird Lycanthrope then. ;p

So with the current vote standing at possibly one for Golmana, I'd figure that I go a bit more in depth into the classes, both 1pp and 3pp, that have been previously mentioned.

I'll start first with Golmana the Munavri Arrowsong Minstrel Bard since she's at least got the GM's eyes upon her. Having some limited ability to buff her allies within 30' due to her archetype, Golmana's main strengths lie in her ability to make damaging ranged attacks via her longbow plus her slightly limited 6 levels of arcane casting. Most likely, she'll be VMC as a Sorcerer of the Solar bloodline to help mitigate with some of her racial light-blindness penalties; possibly even using the False Feat as someone who venerates Skode.

Next up, is Hoisting Kudzus the Vine Leshy Verdivant Cavalier. As a small sized character, he may not do the most powerful of physical weapon damages but that job seems to be left to his larger Monstrous Mount of a Griffon. Unlike the standard worries that a normal cavalier may have for their mount possibly dying towards great expenses, a Verdivant Cavalier can always 'grow' back the mount the very next day with no issues at all. Hoisting Kudzus can also buff allies either within 10' or 20' of him with various effects- all thanks to his effervescent spores that he can utilize around 4 or more times per day.

Third up is Iobne the Changeling Arcane Exemplar Omdura of Noticula; Besides her 30' buffings of allies via her judgement-like Invocations, she is a 6-leveled arcane caster that utilizes the Magus's spell lists that also uses the False Focus feat. Iobne will utilize Hag Magics racial substitute from the Agents of Evil companion book along with being an Annis-born Changeling.

Fouth up is Leffertiste the Kitsune Vanguard Slayer who may, if allowed to, utilize Rogue Genius Games Headsman 3pp Archetype as well. Besides have some minor ally-buffing abilities, Leffertiste will be a Dex/Finesse focused switch-hitting damage dealer for the most part.

Fifth up is the first of our 3pp Dreamscarred Press Psionics based class choice, Yarisana the Aasimar Metanexus Tactician. Being a full 9th leveled Psionic Manifester, Yarisana can place all her allies within 100+' into her collective where she can buff them or she can cast her psionic powers through them or even share some limited use racial traits between them- all while telepathically coordinating with one another.

Sixth up is the second of our 3pp Dreamscarred Press Psionics based class choice, Garlax the Kasatha Skipper. Mainly a damage-dealer, Garlax can use his short ranged 35' teleportation to cause as much damage that can be done, melee or ranged- not very hard to do when you've got four working arms.

Seventh up is the combination 3pp Dreamscarred Press Race plus 3pp Rogue Genius Games Class, Zarbney the Half-Giant Witch Hunter. Primarily a damage dealer who focuses on the supernatural category of beings known as 'witches', which not only includes the various arcane caster-types but also monstrous Hags and Outsiders, Zarbney can easily wield larger sized weaponry by dint of being a Half-Giant. The main downside to Zarbney being a viable choice is that the party already does have a noted Witch as a fellow party member though. ;p

Three more?:
Eighth up is the 3pp Kobold Press class, Tardek the Dwarf Dwarven Crossbowyer. As can be surmised by the name of this 3pp class, ranged-damage dealing by Crossbow is the main focus of this class, along with some limited 4 leveled divine-based casting to augment his bolt-shooting. Eventually, Tardek could self-enchant his ranged attacks at higher levels.

Ninth up is 3pp Dreamscarred Press' non-psionic based class, Chuufa the Tengu Rustpicker Malefex. This skillful luck-based, enemy-focused Debuffer occupies a similar space to Paizo's Occult Mesmerists but without any of the spellcasting involved.

Lastly, Tenth up is 3pp Rogue Genius Games' class, Torbayleon the Aphorite War Master. Torbayleon can tactically command his retinue of allies within at least 30' through various actions and buffings via mundane means. Could easily drop him as a prospective choice of party member should everybody prefer to keep all the choices within the single digits. ;)

Eric Kostroff wrote:

Everything without 3PP seems to me more cute .)

Although if it's 3PP, then I would choose psionics. At least look at this mechanics in action!

Thank you for your input, Eric; I can try to go a bit more in depth on the Paizo 1st party choices plus the two 3pp psionics choices [Tactician or Skipper]- possibly three if you'd count the Half-Giant 3pp Witchhunter [although that one's not even psionic class by any means]. ;)

Liliyashanina wrote:
Arrowsong ministrel looks reasonable to me, not sure what a Munavri is though, if they are mostly humanoid and have a way to communicate with humans, Hotel Leningrads core are Soviet WW2 veterans, but they are pretty nondiscriminatory in their hiring practices.

Thank you for your vote choice of Golmana, Liliyashanina; I wasn't entirely sure if some of either my racial or class choices, 3pp or otherwise, would get shot down- but I did have my metaphorical money on the Skipper not making the cut though, heh. ;p

In terms of what Golmana's race, the Munavri's are... basically they're albino psychic descendants of the ancient human Azlantis who fled were taken underground to escape the Earthfall. They eventually settled deep within the 3rd part Darklands where there's an underground ocean and are one of the few non-evil denizens of the Darklands. I guess they really don't get seen much as a playable race since they might be considered a bit more powerful... kinda like the idea of the Elf/Drow/Drow Noble divide [in this case, Human/Azlanti or Thassilonian Human[the ones with +2 to all stats]/Munavris]. There probably shouldn't be any real communication issues apart from speaking something other than common/undercommon. ;)

No worries, Willow, that should leave about 3 others plus our GM to decide upon the prospective new addition. You might end up being the tie-breaking vote, if it should occur, however unlikely. ;p

Maybe I should 'flesh' out on some of the prospective characters and see if any of them happen to gel with folks.

For the Paizo-based class choices:

1. A Male Agile/Grapevine/Lashvine Vine Leshy Cavalier of the Verdiant Archetype that goes by the tentative name of 'Hoisting Kudzus', along with his grown, plant-based version of a Griffon known as 'Flying Bullwhip' [via the Monstrous Mount feat]. His stats will be: Str16, Dex16, Con12, Int10, Wis14[13], Cha 15[14].

His quote: "Okay to attack these ones, yes?"

2. A Female Annis-born Changeling Omdura of the Arcane Exemplar Archetype that goes by the tentative name of 'Iobne', herself a devout worshipper of Noticula by utilizing the False Focus feat. Her stats will be: Str16, Dex14[13], Con12, Int10, Wis12, Cha19[18].

Her quote: "In Noticula's name, her will be done..."

3. A Female Munavri Bard of the Arrowsong Minstrel Archetype that goes by the tentative name of 'Golmana'. Her stats will be: Str12, Dex19[18], Con14, Int13, Wis14, Cha19[18].

Her quote: "By my arrow's point, I've got this shot!"

4. A Male Keen/Skilled Kitsune Slayer of the Vanguard Archetype; possibly even the 3pp Headsman Archetype, if allowed. He goes by the tentative name of 'Leffertiste' and his stats will be: Str12, Dex18[17], Con14, Int16[15], Wis14, Cha10.

His quote: "We can take 'em!"

For the 3pp-based class choices:

5. A Male Iron-Within/etc. Dwarf Dwarven Crossbowyer 3pp class who goes by the name of 'Tardek'. His stats will be: Str14[13], Dex18, Con12, Int10, Wis16[15], Cha10.

His quote: "Got 'em in my sights!"

6. A Female Peri-blooded/Emberkin Incorruptible Aasimar Tactician [Psionic] 3pp class of the Metanexus Archetype. She goes by the tentative name of 'Yarisana' and her stats will be: Str12, Dex12, Con12, Int19[18], Wis12, Cha18[17].

Her quote: "Join up with the collective- we will strike as one."

7. A Male Kasatha Skipper [Psionic] 3pp class who is known by his tentative moniker, 'Garlax', and his stats are: Str17[16], Dex17[16], Con12, Int10, Wis16, Cha13.

His quote: "Who needs some killing? Time and distance? No trouble at all!"

8. A Male Deft-Swords/Glide Tengu Malefex 3pp class of the Rustpicker Archetype who goes by the tentative name of 'Chuufa'. His stats are as follows: Str12, Dex18[17], Con12, Int12, Wis18[17], Cha12.

His quote: "Lucks' never on their side, heh."

9. A Male Juggernaut/Liberty or Death Half-giant [Psionic] Witch Hunter 3pp class who is known by all as 'Zarbney'- tentatively, of course. His stats are: Str18[17], Dex12, Con12, Int12, Wis18[17], Cha12.

His quote: "I shall suffer no opposing witch to abide..."

10. A Male Aphorite War Master 3pp class by the tentative name of 'Torbayleon'. His stats are: Str16, Dex12, Con12, Int17[16], Wis14[13], Cha14.

His quote: "Here's what we'll do..."

Heh, it just occurred to me that the listing I gave yesterday- which was more or less me just throwing stuff out there and seeing what sticks- could be taken the wrong way in giving the mistaken impression that all those 3pp classes that I had previously listed were somehow okay to use.

So I do want to stress that all those prospective 3pp classes are certainly subject to GM Liliyashanina's approval for possible use; so it is still quite possible that none of them would be okay to use. :)

Beyond that, I figured that I'd get everybody's input as to what they'd like to see me go with. I'm even open to the possibility that none of the previously listed choices are even going to get the nod- in such an event, I'm definitely open to hearing the rest of the parties' input on what I should ultimately go with. ;p

Okay, so it looks like the current party makeup is the Elven Witch, the Human Healing-focused Oracle, the Dhampir Grapple-focused Oracle, and the Tiefling Brawler/Rogue plus the Human Alchemist NPC. :)

Some possible character prospects have come to mind, here on my end. Let me know what you all think of them [the additional party member to be]:

1. Here's a gonzo sort of choice that's kinda 'out there'; a Vine Leshy Paizo Cavalier with the Verdivant archetype. He was a flower/plant gift to the succubi that somehow gained sapience, along with a plantish improved monster mount.

2. If a Ranged attack-style Damager is desired; a 3pp Dwarven Crossbowyer comes to mind. He's a willing mercenary styled guest of the succubi- possibly even partakes in their services.

3. If a 3pp Psionic-type of character that can collective with fellow party members is okay with everyone; a Peri-variant Aasimar that is a Tactician class...leaning towards the Metanexus or Soul Conductor archetypes. Psionically-based buffing/debuffing but 3/4 BAB though.

4. Another 3pp Psionic Skirmisher, the Skipper, a full BAB teleporter-type seems ready-made for just fighting and damaging.

5. A 3pp 3/4 BAB debuffer/buffer? Malefex, especially of the Rustpicker variety seems oddly apropos for a succubi setting.

6. Two 3pp full BAB classes from Rogue Genius Games, both the damage-focused Witch-Hunter and the buffing-focused War Master offer some intriguing possibilities.

7. If sticking with just Paizo-based buffing/debuffing classes is more preferable to everyone, then both the Omdura of the Arcane Exemplar type [adding to the arcane casters total] or some type of Bard Archetype [such as the Arrowsong Minstrel for your ranged attacker needs] will serve just nicely. If something more along the lines of a Paizo-based full BAB is desired, perhaps a Vanguard Slayer might just do... pending any additional archetypes to shoe-horn in there.

For those without a chosen race yet to go along with the class, those will be pending on what classes will get approved.

Obviously, only one will be chosen out of all of them to be that new party member. Which choice tickles your fancy? ;p

Hey there everyone, abyssal overseers and fellow party members alike; Just one more extra body for the grist. :)

So what roles are open that the rest of the group will still have need for?

Liliyashanina wrote:
Got a bit stumped by Covid and work (I got voluntold into fraud detection)

Definitely some Zinc/50 my daily with a meal could help out; also have heard that it might be more preferable to keep the zinc intake below 30 my since there's supposed to be a limit on how much zinc a person would need. Ideally, using a pill-cutter to reduce dosage to 25 mg is possible.

Death-Lok wrote:
Today: Please explain what Admittedly, I tend to post in increments between a few days means exactly. I am looking for players to post at least once per day on the weekdays.

In that case, I wouldn't be able to fulfill your daily posting requirement, Death-Lok, so I'll withdraw from the recruitment. Good luck to all of the prospective players though. ;)

Y'know, it may not be up to par comparatively to the classic Druid class but something about this Greyhawk-based recruitment calls out to me with a wandering-type Keoland Halfling ACG Shaman of Life [Serendipity Shaman? possibly Benefactor as well?] that venerates Brandobaris [Shamans despite their divine spellcasting aren't direct worshipers like a Paladin or Cleric]. ;)

Admittedly, I tend to post in increments between a few days, so I don't know if that will be a factor in your prospective game, Death-Lok.

Oh yeah, I know that while you've mentioned not being a fan of the Kineticist mechanics in your interest-check thread, hopefully you wouldn't mind a Chuspiki as an improved familar [Sage or Emissary archetype] choice- outta all the listed improved familiar option, it seems to be the most mouse-like... even with their kineticist aspects. ;p

The motive for joining the gladiator games would be for the novelty of doing so despite being a primary healer type; hence having to join up with more combat-minded associates. Plus there's always the necessity of building up some funds on behalf of the spirit animal familiar [Featherbound barding perhaps or...?].

If you wuz one of the backers on Gaming on Tabletop, Paizo would send out an email directly to you with the redemption codes for the final pdfs; they work kinda like those HumbleBundle codes for Pathfinder, if your familiar with how those work. Hope it helps. :)

PS. seems the regular pdfs will be out on streetdate for all the regular orders/pre-orders. ;p

Apologies about not being able to sign in much more sooner; ended up having to deal with some RL stuff that came up earlier this month. ;)

Candace "Bones" Macdougal wrote:
Candace will take one of the leather armor, if no one objects.

Sounds good to me. Still one more fragile leather armor and fragile shield up for grabs; I figured that despite one's character profession, presumably anyone could use any armor or weapon, bought/given/found/etc., as if they were proficient in them.

The Sword wrote:
Mark Stratton wrote:
The Sword wrote:

5. Having to buy the hardback version of information that has already been reprinted many times and is in some cases obsolete is just a step too far. Or rather, having to buy the pdf as well as the hardback is a step too far.

I mean, I love Kingmaker, but there is a limit.

And so, one does just what you have decided: you buy only what you want/need, and nothing further. I don't see why that's a problem.
Yes of course. It maybe this products unusual circumstances of being a reprint and having a 5e alternative. But for me buying 5 different versions of a product (6 if you include the CRPG) isn’t normal.

Would it be too much if I wuz to suggest getting the Pathfinder Kingmaker Companion Guide as well? ;)

It does contain the rules for camping [ala the Owlcat crpg version] and weather stuff as well as the full context of what the Companion mini-adventures are. ;p

Now that being said, you could probably get it some other time so's the stats contained for the mini-adventure could be used as some sorta filler or random encounter instead. :)

PS. Now that I thinks about it, this also applies to those using the PF1e ruleset too!

Finally got all 3 profiles filled out for Zuni/Hagar/Thibault.

Thibault probably knows Stitch from his employment with Gregory; given Stitch's profile, the two may or may not get along with each other personality-wise?

Zuni definitely knows Candance [friendly/employed by her father/council], Remy [friendly], Benoit [fellow Town employee], and Stitch [by reputation]?

Hagar would know of Remy and Stitch [both by reputation] plus Benoit [from the church; friendly- depending on where he falls on St Ignys gender divide?]

Syrina seems to be a recent arrival to the village/town. Any other recent arrivals?

No worries, GM West, and thank you for running this DCC funnel game for us all. I do feel somewhat a bit bad for my slower rate of posting but it still seemed fun, even with the unfamiliar ruleset. ;)

PS. not really familiar with discord myself but if the others wish to finish up this funnel adventure, you all have my blessings to use Berry, Charmy, and Stormy as npc's/meatshields/prospective dining experiences. ;p

Having decided that going up against the spellcheck gods/fairies is a losing proposition at best, I may as well make two more d100 rolls to see where Hagar and Thibault fall upon the St. Ignys gender debate. ;p

Hagar belief: 1d100 ⇒ 43. Believes St. Ignys=male.

Thibault belief: 1d100 ⇒ 96. Believes St. Ignys=female.

PS. And since I've a WWE Undertaker reference for Hagar,


and a Watchmen comics reference for Zuni,

[Snobbig Moor]

I think I'll have Thibault be a small beers enthusiast in reference to

Miller Lite
. ;)

PPPS. hmm, the spellchecker seems to prefer Thibault to Tibault; may just ultimately go with Thibault to forestall any troubles with misspellings. ;p

PPPS. Likewise Zuni versus Zini too. May as well go with Zuni then. ;)

GM BrOp wrote:
Today is a good day ..., please join us in the Gameplay thread once you have finished your characters. Don't feel obligated to post as much as the others have, btw, we can do with just a quick summary. I'm not saying that the very long posts aren't appreciated (they are! they are!), just that it's not a requirement for this game.

Much appreciated, GM BrOp, and will do; admittedly, I do tend towards a few days in between posts as a FYI.

For my undertaker- who most likely works under the town cleric/church- I'll go with Hagar Renault as her name. For my town watch-person, I'll go with Zini "Motherbear" Apertaux as her name. And since we're likely to go with 3 characters per person, I'll have my town miller preemptively chosen as Male who will be named as Tibault Grandoir. He switched his initial Con score to Int and has +1 to both Int and Dex with a hp of 2 and capacity of 16. ;)

PS. choosing avatars and altnames soon done...

PPS. Hagar Renault: Hailing from the Marches of Calaway, this middle-aged, devout worshiper of St. Ignys serves as the town Undertaker under the auspices of the cleric of St. Ignys for many years now. Ever willing to lend a kind word to those that are bereaved, Hagar holds a special contempt for those that would go against the faithful of the church.

Zini 'Motherbear' Apertaux: Growing up nearby the foul, swampy Snobbig Moors has done little to quench this stout Watchperson's sense of compassion and protectiveness despite her heavily scarred exterior. Nicknamed 'Motherbear' by the townsfolk, Zuni possesses a sweet-tooth habit and is rarely without her daily supply of honey.

Thibault Grandoir is a Young man who works in the town under the town's head-miller. This ferociously Just apprentice Miller zealously seeks to regain the town's honor by seeking out the missing relic of St. Ignys. His ancestry partly from the frozen cold lands is most apparent in his family keepsake, a lucky charm of sorts.

Charmy blinks in surprise at seeing the figure duck back into the opening while he was on the ladder. Looking back down at all of the folks gathered around at the bottom of the ladder, Charmy decides that it might be better to climb back down so that he could quietly inform the others of what he saw. "There's an opening up top but I saw someone peeping back from inside of there; didn't get a very good look at at whomever it was cuz they ducked back inside..."

Stormy grumbles, "So you were spotted; should we have our strongest people rush up there before reinforcements show up?"

Berry pipes up an offers of "I can be fairly quiet if I have to be- want me to sneak up there?" out of nowhere from among the gathered.

Most likely going to drop the first villager while keeping the second and third.

Got to make 2 last rolls for them; Undertaker: 1d100 ⇒ 54 and Watchman: 1d100 ⇒ 32.

Both will be female, it looks like.

Undertaker switches Wis for Int; adds +1 to Con and Int.

Watchman switches Int for Str; adds +1 to Dex and Str.

Moving to the ladder opposite of where Daryl is standing, Stormy takes a firm grip upon one side of the ladder, then directs Charmy to climb up that ladder in order to take a look around.

Charmy goes up ladder via Agility: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5.

Charmy looks around on laddertop: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (18) - 1 = 17.

Charmy will then climb back down to inform the others of what he sees, if nothing happens to him while on the ladder.

Berry opts to be more stealthy as he heads towards the ladder but not before telling the others to mind the captive.

Stealth by Agility: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (20) + 3 = 23.

Being in a DCC funnel currently, I may as well jump on in for this playtest too.

Let's see what the dicerolls bring...

Village People #1

Occupation: 1d100 ⇒ 73.

Str: 3d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 6) = 12.
Con: 3d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 3) = 12.
Dex: 3d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 6) = 17.
Int: 3d6 ⇒ (1, 4, 1) = 6.
Wis: 3d6 ⇒ (5, 1, 2) = 8.
Cha: 3d6 ⇒ (2, 3, 4) = 9.
Luk: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 3) = 15.

HP: 1d4 ⇒ 3.
1st Trait: 1d100 ⇒ 40.
2nd Trait: 1d100 ⇒ 85.
1st Personality: 1d100 ⇒ 12.
2nd Personality: 1d100 ⇒ 100.
Item: 1d100 ⇒ 58.

Village People #2

Occupation: 1d100 ⇒ 94.

Str: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 4) = 13.
Con: 3d6 ⇒ (3, 4, 5) = 12.
Dex: 3d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 4) = 10.
Int: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 4) = 13.
Wis: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 5, 3) = 14.
Cha: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 1) = 10.
Luk: 3d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 3) = 13.

HP: 1d4 ⇒ 1.
1st Trait: 1d100 ⇒ 58.
2nd Trait: 1d100 ⇒ 47.
1st Personality: 1d100 ⇒ 23.
2nd Personality: 1d100 ⇒ 29.
Item: 1d100 ⇒ 95.

Village People #3

Occupation: 1d100 ⇒ 96.

Str: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 4, 3) = 13.
Con: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 5) = 14.
Dex: 3d6 ⇒ (5, 3, 1) = 9.
Int: 3d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 5) = 14.
Wis: 3d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 5) = 9.
Cha: 3d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 3) = 9.
Luk: 3d6 ⇒ (2, 5, 6) = 13.

HP: 1d4 ⇒ 2.
1st Trait: 1d100 ⇒ 59.
2nd Trait: 1d100 ⇒ 58.
1st Personality: 1d100 ⇒ 33.
2nd Personality: 1d100 ⇒ 82.
Item: 1d100 ⇒ 22.

Having looked at the playtest, I'll bite [and jump in] as well. :)

2 people marked this as a favorite.

PF1e Return of the Runelords went on hiatus recently but it was still in the beginnings area stage so it wasn't all that bad. :)

3rd party PF1e Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands [with just 3rd party classes only] is still going on strong. ;)

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