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I just wanted to check something. If my ranger character with Favoured Enemy of Outsider (Evil) encounters such a creature on its home plane I still get the bonuses to attack, damage and skill checks yes? The fact that they are not outsiders on their home plane doesn't suddenly mean he forgets the best way to overcome them does it?

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They are still outsiders, they just aren't extraplanar outsiders. A subtype may change, but only very, very specific things change creature type.

As Val'bryn2 said, outsider and extraplanar are two different things.

Extraplanar means "Not on their home plane". Humans on an outer plane are extraplanar, but they're still humanoid. ("Humanoid (Human, Extraplanar)" to be precise.)
A devil in hell is an "Outsider (Devil, Evil, Lawful)", while a devil on the material plane is an "Outsider (Devil, Evil, Lawful, Extraplanar)"

Outsider is a specific type of creature, like "humanoid", "aberration", "dragon", and so on. An outsider stays an outsider no matter where they go.

I guess, in theory, you could cheese the (Other Subtype) line for humanoids in the Favored Enemy table to select "Humanoid (Extraplanar)", which would probably allow you to use it on any humanoid met on any plane other than the material plane… but that's unlikely to be useful.

(You could also probably take "Humanoid (Shapechanger)", which would help against werewolves and some other humanoids, but I don't encourage that… for personal reasons.)

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