Question About Dual Strike Prerequisites?

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I posted this question on the PF Reddit and haven’t really found anything conclusive yet. Here’s a link: _strike_prerequisites/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app

Here’s the info for the Dual Strike combat trick:

Dual Strike

Prerequisites: Double Slice, Improved Vital Strike

As a standard action, you can make two attacks, one with each weapon you wield, applying the penalties for two-weapon fighting to each.

My question is this: Why is IVS a prerequisite when it cannot even be used in conjunction with this feat as they are conflicting standard actions? Why would VS and IVS be needed for this, especially with how feat intensive TWF is already.

Is this a typo? Are the prerequisites supposed to be Double Slice and Improved Two Weapon Fighting? That’s he only thing I can find that makes sense to me. Does anyone have any clarification on this?

Nope it's likely using that as a prereq due to vital strike being about putting more into a swing. So it's in a way a better version of Vital strike since your getting 2 actual attacks. Also by requiring IVS they can limit it to mostly BaB 11 or better without having to actually restrict it to that on the off chance there is a way to get it sooner.

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