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I'm wanting to use Spectral hand for buff spells (Resist Energy Communal for example) and want to make sure I'm not violating some tenet I'm not aware of.

Nethys: Spectral Hand.

There are two valid reasons I could see to prevent this:

Can the hand travel that far?
The range for the spell is 100 +10/lvl, so as long as the hand doesn't travel more than that distance total, it should be able to move to everyone. One might argue that it could travel twice that amount, as it can travel that far and back at max range.

Can I have the hand touch multiple creatures?
The Hand touches count as attacks, even though I'm touching allies, so I am limited to touches equal to my iterative attacks.

A forgiving GM might let it go through, but those are the limitations I can think of. Thoughts?

Spectral hand doesn't limit the number of attacks you can make in a round (it's a delivery mechanism for using your normal number of attacks), and doesn't limit the travel distance in a round. The range is a maximum distance from the spellcaster, nothing more.

Combat wrote:
You can touch one friend as a standard action or up to six friends as a full-round action.

I don't see anything in spectral hand that alters this. You're simply able to touch friends in a wider area than usual.

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