Simple question regarding Smite in 2e


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After a two-year hiatus from 5e during which I ran a long Pathfinder campaign, I ran three sessions of 5e for Free RPG Day yesterday at my FLGS (shout out to Brooklyn Strategist!). I was dismayed to learn that Smite can be used against any creature regardless of alignment (something that really annoyed me about 5e, I had repressed, and then was re-really annoyed with yesterday).

First thing this morning I cracked open my Playtest rulebook and was relieved/pleased to see the word evil in the descriptor for the Paladin smite feat.

My question: Will Paizo be retaining Smite vs EVIL? Or is it going to be genericized like 5e? Please tell me it's the former! :)

Thanks in advance!

Maybe some of both? As of the end of the playtest, there is a Smite Evil paladin feat... at 12th level; their low-level abilities are more generic, but some of them do more versus evil targets.

I don't recall hearing anything about how smite comes out in the final product, but you may find people who've been paying more attention in the Pathfinder Second Edition forum.

Thanks, Fuzzy-Fuzzy; I shall do that!

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