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Silver Crusade

I run max HD for hp, (partly because it helps balance out "rocket tag", and partly to make the difference in HD more noticeable.)

The following is semi-custom race using the half-dragon template.
He is a level 20 gestalt enemy, the PCs will be level 19 for the fight, with free gestalt prestige classes at level 9.

The PCs have fought this guy once before, (before he was gifted the blood of dragons, and he nearly bested them in that fight)

He will fight with only one other NPC, and I want it to be one hell of a fight.

However, at this point, Caldir, the BBEG in question, is so prideful, he wagers he can best the group in a straight up fight with pure force. I'm looking for any way to improve on his damage/survivability that doesn't particularly make use of "tricks" and or any other thoughts in regards to this. I used the same 25pt buy for him as the PCs had. The group aren't munchkins, but they do make very powerful characters.

Did I go too overboard? Not overboard enough? This is for all purposes, the most powerful single enemy they have, and will encounter this campaign, and I want him to be terrifying, but, beatable. I want him focused more on martial prowess, with magic being a buff line mostly, a little bit of blast if needed, and comfort spells.

here is a link to the sheet I am using for him.
BBEG Sheet his AC is taking into account most buffs he can/will have not counting wish/limited wish.

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